1975 Referendum – Government Pamphlet to every Home


this is the pamphlet as published and circulated to every home in Britain prior to the post legislative confirmatory referendum held on 05-Jun-1975.

Personally I would contend that the outcome of this referendum was legally invalid as under British Law as it pertained at the time any contract or agreement shall be held as null and void if one party or another shall have misled or lied to the other inorder to obtain their agreement or acquiescence to said agreement or contract.

There is absolutely no doubt that the British electorate werte lied to by both their politicians, their civil servants and the media – some wittingly and others out of stupidity and a false sense of duty.

Ted Heath treacherously and Treasonously lied to the British people and is on record stating that if he had told the truth he knew that the British peoples would have voted NO in the referendum. That he as Prime Minister expressly and deliberately lied to obtain a dishonest outcome and that he did it with forethought, which he has admitted, as the Prime Minister and signator to The Treaty of Rome was not only clearly an act of Treason but renders the signature to the Treaty invalid.

Not only is it unacceptable to seek by referendum to ratify an invalid signature to lie to obtain said ratification renders the agreement as contracted to be invalid.

There is also The Contitutional invalidity of one parliament being seen to bind its successors and the very fact that in the terms of interpretation of The Constitution any interpretation that blithely sets aside the doubly entrenched nature of The Constitution based upon a lie could be considered valid. Arguably subsequent politicians and civil servants who have promoted the outcome of the lies wittingly could be considered to have acted in collusion to commit Treason – Little wonder that those same politicians saw fit to set aside the laws on Treason to save themselves from the embarrassment of trial and their subsequent rightful execution under the law!

United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum, 1975

6 / 15

Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy

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