.The Collapse of Government by Peter W. Mills

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The Collapse of Government

by Peter W. Mills MA PhD

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I believe the system of properly democratic and competent government in Great Britain is now in a state of collapse!

Like other great disasters such as earthquakes, wars and tsunamis, it is unfortunately the ordinary human beings caught up in the catastrophe who find it hardest to see the whole horrifying picture coherently.

I believe it is about time – indeed, long overdue – for the people of Britain to conduct a cold, hard, analytical reappraisal of how this country is governed, and by so doing, expose and admit to the catastrophic arrogant incompetence of the dreadful crops of heinous politicians which have come and gone in comfort over the decades leaving nothing in their wake except unmitigated national disaster and turmoil for the ordinary citizen.

The entirely fraudulent “Multi Party System” that is the basis of British Government is, when examined carefully in factual terms, nothing but a very clever and deliberate deceit foisted on the ordinary people of our country. It is a perfect illusion. It is a purely cosmetic exercise on a grand scale, designed to create amongst the population the illusion that there is freedom of choice to elect a party to government that best serves the interests of the ordinary people.

It is, of course, nothing of the sort, for the simple and demonstrable reason that we do not have – and never have had – anything which even approaches an actual Multi Party System. What we have, in real terms, is a Single Party System.

The Houses of Parliament contain only one single party of power-holding politicians – perhaps we might identify them more correctly as the “Power Party Club”. Others have also called it the “Lib-Lab-Con” party, but I maintain this title still serves the Power Party Club’s purpose to some extent by carrying on the deception that there are three different brands or divisions within it. There are not!

A quick check of the frequently-maligned Wikipedia on:


reveals a more accurate state of affairs in a box-chart showing the number of Westminster MPs in the Power Party Club compared to those not in it. At this present time, the Conservative and Unionist Party (Tories): 306. Liberal Democrats: 57. Labour Party: 257.

Total MPs in the Power Party Club, therefore: 306. Total number of MPs in all other parties: 23 (it would be 28, but 5 elected MPs refuse to enter Parliament on a point of principle).

This means the Power Party Club has some thirteen times the number of MPs to vote its self-serving legislation into law than the total number of MPs who could in theory be mustered to vote against it. I say “in theory” because these tiny minnows who are permitted to swim round the great shark are, for all intents and purposes, emasculated by the corrupt and collapsing political system created, maintained and enjoyed by the single omnipotent Power Party Club.

In the other corner of the boxing ring, pitted like microscopic Davids against the Goliath of the Power Party Club, we have: the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland (8 MPs in Westminster); The Scottish National Party (6 MPs in Westminster, not to be confused with the “Scottish Parliament”); Sinn Féin (5 MPs who choose not to take their seats in Westminster because the compulsory oath of allegiance to the Monarch would betray the principle on which their Party is predicated); Plaid Cymru (3 MPs, not to be confused with the “Welsh Parliament”); the Social Democratic and Labour Party of Ireland (SDLP) (3 MPs who take their seats in Westminster); and the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, the Green Party, and the Respect Party, all of whom have just a single MP each in Westminster.

I must, therefore, ask readers to carefully reconsider the point I raised earlier – do these figures truly represent a proper, ethical, legitimate and honest Multi Party System of government? Of course they don’t!

The titles “Opposition Party” and “Leader of the Opposition” are exposed as nothing but meaningless sound-bytes employed merely to create the continuing illusion imposed upon the general public that whichever component portions of the Power Party Club do not, at any particular time, have a Club member with a rent-free address in Downing Street, must ipso facto and by default be opposed to everything their Power Party Club legislates upon. This is utter rubbish. The only differences between the three members of the Power Party Club, Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem, are entirely cosmetic (as the bed-hopping antics of the Lib-Dem component amply demonstrates on a fairly regular basis).

Politics in the more distant past was a slightly different animal to that of the present day, but broadly speaking the old Whig Party (from “whiggamor”, “cattle drivers”) eventually evolved into the Liberal Party, and the Tories became the Conservative Party. The Labour Party was founded in 1900. In our supposedly “Multi-Party State”, and with the possible exception of a few emergency coalition governments at times of national crisis such as the World Wars and the Wall Street Crash of the 1930s, no political party other than the Tories, Labour or Liberals (from whom the “Liberal Democrats” evolved) has held power as a government since at least 1707 in the reign of Queen Anne.

So, when the true political system of Britain is examined and exposed in real terms, it is revealed that we are actually living in a Single Party State, which deceitfully and immorally – I would also say criminally – disguises itself in public as a variable “ruling power” and “two opposition parties”. It is, more factually, a single ruling power with three slimy tentacles which clasp power to itself, with each tentacle adroitly covering up the fact that it is part of the same body, like a clever fan-dancer with three fans.

The really astonishing thing is that the general voting public of this country has not clearly realized this fact, has not tumbled to the deception, has not seen through the flickering sleight-of-hand of the political dancer’s fans and glimpsed the rotting, foetid body of the Single Party System beneath the cosmetic make-up.

The greater majority of people are still labouring (no pun intended) under the delusion that if one dislikes Labour, one votes Tory or Lib-Dem; if one dislikes the Tories, one votes Labour or Lib-Dem; and if one dislikes the Lib Dems, one votes Tory or Labour. This childish and nonsensical outlook is tantamount to trying to decide which head of Cerberus the 3-headed dog is least likely to bite you. The truth of the matter is that any of the three choices will lead to being badly mauled by a single political body with three heads.

In a Single Party System such as we have had for over 300 years in Britain, there is actually no genuine and effective opposition – merely unimportant and ineffective changes of views and executives within the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors as a body cannot be overruled, sacked, outvoted or replaced. Since at least the beginning of the eighteenth century Britain has been governed by a single political elite, the Power Party Club – our self-appointed and self-serving Board of Directors.

Every few years a cosmetic exercise is performed almost as a ritual, whereby one of the other people on the Board gets a term as Managing Director, chosen by the shareholders who are told they have the democratic power to elect whom they please. Henry Ford the industrialist who produced the Ford Model ‘T’, when told by his sales staff that the car-buying public was demanding cars painted in colours, famously replied: “They can have any colour they like, providing it’s black!” In British politics under the Power Party Club we have a similar illusory freedom of choice – voters can have a government of any party they like, providing it’s the Power Party Club!

And without even a feeble glimmering of any actual genuine opposition party with sufficient MPs to control or curtail the antics of the Power Party Club, there can be no stopping of the runaway juggernaut of successive dictatorial power-crazed lunatics who have, and still are, driving Britain over an abyss of disaster like a roller-coaster carriage in some horror film.

For anybody who might accuse me of exaggeration or distortion of truth in respect of the previous paragraph, let me cite, as clear and inarguable evidence, the psychopathic compulsion of our immovable many-tentacled single governmental power to do everything of which it is capable to keep Great Britain in the even bigger Power Club of the European Union. Many sensible and sane people are totally against this madness; but for the position-seeking political dictators who want to enhance their own glory by strutting like weird peacocks on the bigger European stage, the allure of nailing the Power Party Club of Britain to the hydra-headed lumbering monster that is the European Union is irresistible.

Britain is most certainly not in the EU for the good of Britain or the British people. Britain is in the EU for one reason, and one reason only – to boost the inflated self-opinions and self-images of the egos of our Single Party political dictators! Europe provides our politicians with a bigger world stage on which to posture and preen. That is the single reason for Britain’s compulsory and choice-free membership of the EU. We are told, of course, that “Britain needs to remain in Europe because it is our best market for exports.”

Utter bunkum!

Consider the simple fact which is not generally admitted to the public by the British Single State Government – in every single year in which Great Britain has been a member of the European Union, without exception, the payments made to Europe by Britain have been significantly greater than the financial benefits received by Britain and by the total British manufacturing industry. In the 32 years from 1979 to 2011, the sleepwalking British people have paid a total of some £228 billion in required financial contributions to the European Union. During the same period, the financial benefit Britain has earned from being in the European Union has been calculated at £143 billion. We are thus some £85 billion out-of-pocket on the deal so far!

(Visit  http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2052433/Chart-How-does-Britain-pay-EU-does-back.html  to check the gory details.)

So who, in fact, benefits from Britain’s continued enforced membership in the EU? Not the voting population. Not the hard-pressed taxpayer. Not the pensioners facing loss of bus-passes and rising retirement ages which make us wage slaves for even longer. Not the sick and injured, suffering and often dying in a careless, inept, over-managed, image-manipulating, box-ticking and cash-starved health service. Not the unemployed quailing under a government who classifies unemployment as a criminal offence to be punished with fines instead of using the money it throws at Europe to create more industry and more jobs in Britain. Not the genuinely sick, crippled and disabled who now find themselves being branded as “loafing scroungers” and who are being hauled like criminals into the inquisitional court run by the profiteering ATOS corporation who expects the disabled to crawl to an office or factory and work, as they made people do in the Industrial Revolution and the days of slavery.

No. The only people who extract any reward from Britain’s membership of the European Union are our posturing and posing politicians in the Power Party Club, who prance and dance on the European stage, swaggering at the expense of their pet cash-cow, the British taxpayer.

This nonsensical, corrupt, unworkable and catastrophic system of British government must end! It is not a Democracy. It is, in fact, about as far away from Democracy as was Russia under Communism. In a Communist state, anyone who wishes to become a member of the government must be a member of the Communist Party. In Great Britain, anyone who wishes to become a member of the government must be a member of the Power Party Club.

In the single-party state that is Great Britain, our most difficult and most urgent task is to educate the population away from the official brain-washing pretence that we have political freedom. We do not. We are only free – as a population – to vote for one or other of the tentacles of the Establishment octopus – the Power Party Club.

Unless the ordinary British voters can have their eyes opened to the reality of their servitude to an undemocratic single-state political system cunningly disguised as a “democracy”, we are all done for. We must encourage the British people to wake up and smell the tyranny! Above all else, we need to establish a growing parliamentary presence of bold and dedicated Nationalists who will be capable of mounting the first serious political challenge in 300 years to the established complacency and indolent incompetence of the joint Single Party establishment.

Small wonder that the British Power Party Club and the European Dictatorship is excrementally afraid of the rising popularity of the Nationalist Cause throughout Europe. It is up to all of us who are Nationalists in Britain to take our message of hope to the deluded masses of British people who are wearing Government-issued rose-coloured glasses (which, of course, they are paying for themselves).

British Government is in a process of collapse. The political contest to come up with a better alternative is under way. Any lingering hint of true and proper Democracy is being extinguished by the European Union. It has already been extinguished 300 years ago in Britain.  The best alternative of all is Nationalism – it is the singly system of government which puts Our Nation First Above All! Nationalism is the future Britain must claim for itself – otherwise we face another 300 years or even more being ruled by a catastrophic elite club of posturing dictators!




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