Criminal Cases Review Commission [CCRC] re: Jasna Badzak, Exposing Ukip


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Greg Lance – Watkins





before you read the lengthy statement which has been sent to me, and which from the facts I know would seem to be a fair and accurate document and I have no reason to believe it is anything other than a statement submitted to CCRC.

May I suggest that you take note of the judgement against Nat West CLICK HERE a judgement which would seem to endorse Jasna Badzak’s contention that the bank statement produced as evidence against her may very well have been related to the Nat West judgement!

I can provide no proof that the document is fact but many of the contentions therein are clearly endorsed by factual evidence I have provided over the years on my various blogs including .

Of ther corrupt nature, utter lack of integrity, dishonesty, racism, ignorant lack of judgement and bullying ineptitude of Gerard Batten there is a plethora of evidence – he is also obsessed with conspiracy theories, Russia, racism and his anti Islamic extremism, an obsession brought about by his own supertitions and probably influenced by his Philippino wife’s somewhat fundamental catholicism of the days of Cardinal Sin (Jaime L. Sin born 1928 died 2005).
Having myself never fallen for the guile of Ukip under its leadership to date, and having put in a great deal of time and energy over the last 15+ years to try to expose the corruption of Ukip and its leadership – never having joined Ukip – I find the opening paragraph of the Statement below to be compelling and all 50 pages would seem to me to be a genuine and accurate account on the balance of probabilities and on evidence to hand.
That being the case there is much to be said for setting aside the judgement against Jasna Badzak as being unsound and unsustainable and a full and transparent police enquiry with forensic accounting and aided in full by OLAF of the last 23 years of indisputable corruption and fraud that has been a part of Ukip.
Minded of the verdict of guilty against the Labour MEP Peter Skinner, who stood down at the last EU list election, for abuse of his position of trust and defrauding the tax payers of £480,000 – I dread to think how many £Millions may have been missapropriated by Ukip’s leadership, their cronies and the party at large.
Read on and draw your own conclusions!


25 January 2016

I made the biggest mistake of my life. I joined a racist, criminal organisation pretending to be legitimate political party. One might wonder how and why, would anyone with a single brain cell, especially University and Postgraduate degree educated person, could possibly make such mistake?

Easy. I was born to care for humanity, I studied medicine, I grew up in family where honesty, decency and help to fellow humans were guiding principles. Those are the principles that I always lived and still live my life. At the age of 21 I became refugee, came to UK and worked incredibly hard to rebuild my life. I got my two degrees here, worked very hard, paid for my degrees, established two successful businesses, had my son, paid for his private schooling and healthcare. As soon as I was back on my feet, I decided to start helping my community, deprived areas of Westminster, in London, United Kingdom. In 2002 I opened my home to less fortunate, having daily surgeries to help sick, disabled, homeless, addicted, children from broken families and generally people in need. I set up my Residents Association to improve our lives, joined Police Community Consultative Group to help with local policing issues, joined neighbourhood forums and ultimately Conservative party, local ruling party in Westminster. My goal was not to seek election to any office, although I stood as a candidate, but solely to work with my Conservative Association to improve area and lives of people in my neck of woods.

I liked Conservatives and aspirational mentality, hard work and ethos of the party. But above all, I liked the chance that links with my local Conservative councilors helped me to make lives of neighbours at least somewhat better. It felt great that local derelict park was through our efforts turned into green oasis, that our local trouble maker became lover of books and electrician, that disabled child got all support her overtired parents needed, that I was able to retrieve £100 of savings for old age pensioner that was robbed but ashamed to report to police, etc.

In 2008 my local Conservative Association started splitting at seams and whole of my ward membership, including Charwoman, I, decided to leave. I really did not want to join any party afterwards, despite very generous offers from Labour and Liberal Democrats. Politics was not my main goal. Then we were all approached by Nigel Farage and UKIP. At that time I did not know almost anything about UKIP, except the myth it was old Conservative Party, Eurosceptic wing. I did not have any reason not to believe them. They said they had MP Bob Spink, gave me his business card, they had MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) and few Councilors. It was small, very inactive party, but Nigel was saying growing party with same Conservative values and vast opportunities to help constituents.

For the first two years, I only attended one single party where I saw Nigel, met Bob Spink, unfortunately their London MEP Gerard Batten, and their press officer Tim Worstall at HMS Belfast.

Two years later, in 2010 Nigel made me Parliamentary candidate and just because I wrote a letter to Evening Standard and it was published, promoted me as number 2


candidate on their list, just after him. Nigel was also very impressed that I had full British security clearance through my work with Foreign and Home Offices, journalistic background from my youth and was, unlike other UKIP candidates highly educated, multicultural and highly regarded in my community.

UKIP had a very strange policy, unlike any other party where every candidate pays their own Election deposit and £500.00 more to the Party for election leaflets. Although I was well off, I disagreed and found it strange and illegal, as payments, were effectively donations in cash and none declared to Electoral Commission, which is a criminal act. I refused and told Nigel explicitly I will not be part of it as no other party does it and I don’t do crimes. Rules and laws are there to be respected and I always did. In my entire life I never even made parking infringement, let alone anything else. Nigel backed off and ordered that Party pays, from declared donations both my deposit and my lection leaflet. General Elections came and went pretty uneventful except for Nigel’s plane crash that was caused by tangled UKIP party banner and outrageous racist statements of what I will learn from BBC Broadcaster Sammy Chackabrati, alleged London UKIP Chairman, Paul Wiffen, who was on my insistence immediately sacked.

My local campaign got adequate local media coverage, positive response during hustings as UKIP never had fully pledged manifesto and all candidates could stand on their own platforms. My platform was my community, no expenses at all as I could never understand why would any MP need full office (I was running surgeries from my living room for 8 years at that point) and pledge of 10% of my salary to Help the Heroes Charity. Money was never my driving force as I was making sufficiently through my consultancy work, and coming from the wealthy family, that was never lesson that my parents thought me. My lesson was always opposite, keep for yourself as much as you need, give the rest to help the less fortunate.

After the General Elections 2010 it was very quiet on UKIP front and I carried on with my life. In November 2010, Nigel told me that London MEP Gerard Batten was a huge headache for him and whole of the party and that Nigel told him to contact me with job offer, despite the fact that I already had my self-employed consultant job.

Batten indeed contacted me on the 04th November 2010 and asked me to come to his office in Ilford on 08th November 2010. Batten begged me to help him with urgent media exposure as nobody knew about him and UKIP and Farage were very unhappy with him. I told Batten I was aware of the issue, as Nigel explained, not repeating expletives Nigel used about Batten and made my second mistake. I agreed for the small amount of money, small for me who was earning much more, to help Batten and UKIP with positive media exposure. I did it immediately placing three articles about Batten efforts, actually mine, but I gave him credit, about fight against bikers charge in Westminster and placed articles in three newspapers, Wood and Wale, West

End Extra and London Informer. Batten and Farage were over the Moon. However, Batten wanted more. He wanted me to work there full time, answering phones, dealing with correspondence, managing office, doing his paperwork, as well as UKIP press exposure, full time 9 to 5. And all for £2500 which was just 1/3 of what I was earning at that time. I had a lengthy chat with Nigel and we finally agreed I would do it, to keep any eye on Batten as Nigel was claiming Batten was destroying ‘all good work UKIP was doing’. I finally agreed for a limited time, not longer than 6 months


as I thought, knowing my work ethic I would still be able to do my consultancy work in the evening and had some savings as well as husband, who was furious at that time.

As soon as I said yes, troubles began. Instead of paying me from UKIP sources as agreed, Batten put my name on his EU Parliament expenses payroll, which was illegal. I have never worked for EU Parliament, was not doing EU work but was working solely for UKIP. I also did not know depth of the Batten-Farage rift. Since I was close to Nigel, I knew he did not like Batten, called him “fucking BT salesman”, racist prat but was not aware that Batten had obsessive hatred of Nigel and just of everyone else. Nigel told me that Batten had some strange views that needed to be monitored and corrected but never warned me that Batten is obsessive racist with unfathomable hatred of everyone else but Anglo-Saxons that he firmly believed to he was.

Soon after, on 24 November 2010 Batten made strange request to me. He told me in details how Nigel is employing his wife, has a mistress, his press officer Annabelle Fuller and asked me to place that story in the press. I refused, mainly as I was never a type of person who prayed into others’ bedrooms, and frankly could not care less who is Nigel bedding. At that point Batten’s false ‘let me look polite mask’ slipped and he turned into monster, calling me stupid Slav bitch who is good for nothing. I immediately called Nigel and Steve Crowther, who were both furious. Nigel threatened to sue Batten. I agreed to have a sit down with Gawain Towler, at that time UKIP Chief Press Officer at Starbucks on Victoria Street that same afternoon, to try to hash out details how to continue working for UKIP press office and tightly controlling completely unmanageable Batten. I told Gawain that I noticed that Batten has in his always paranoidly locked office just three books, Mein Kampf, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Quran and lot of small black/red coloured booklets that he kept sending out by himself. Gawain told me that Batten is extremist, obsessed with Islam, Jews, conspiracy theories, Russians and Nigel, who does do any work but creates constant problems, that will eventually be exposed and could destroy UKIP, and the main reason Nigel wanted me there was to stop Batten in his extremism and try preventing his activities, as well as activities of some other UKIP MEPs being exposed in the press.

I told Towler, I was not happy doing it but as I promised Nigel will give my best shot. Towler told me how much Nigel was asking me to handle forthcoming Telegraph MEPs expenses story, that was ongoing and was eventually published mid December. Telegraph was collecting all data how much each British MEP costs UK taxpayer, and what was being done with those expenses and allowances. I still remember Nigel’s panicking calls, how Telegraph will discover ‘everything’! I kept asking what is everything? Nigel kept saying, everything UKIP MEPs are doing. Naturally, I asked what? Nigel was initially very cagey about it but then ordered all UKIP MEPs at that time to tell me everything they are doing wrong.

Naturally I started with Nigel Farage but he told me that he was constantly under OLAF (EU Fraud Office Department) investigation. His explanation was that everybody hates him as he is not paying anything, his office was donated, his staff were all just regional organisers (3 of them including Ray Finch, now MEP) who work for UKIP not EU Parliament and that was he was ‘repatriating money to UK’ to


leave EU. Nigel employed his wife to open his emails as he cannot use computers £30,000 a year. When I tried to raise the question that it was illegal to do it, that it is fraud to pay party staff from public purse, Nigel’s explanation was that he ‘gave up’ lucrative career in the City (which turned out to be lie, as he was sacked from City and jobless when elected) and therefore he was pocketing all expenses and allowances to make up the shortfall and that his other MEPs are doing much worse things and it was ‘fault of Nikki Sinclaire (at that time Nikki was Independent MEP and Nigel’s alleged enemy as she has left his EFD Group, that Nigel formed with Italian fascists Lega Norda as she did not want to sit with known fascists) who was always calling journalists just because she has ‘her accounts audited and is bitter’.

Then other MEPs started calling me on Nigel’s orders to tell me what they have done wrong:

Paul Nuttall did not have a properly functioning constituency office but was paying regional organisers (again UKIP staff). Nuttal also didn’t go to Strasbourg or Brussels but in Brussels his mistress Kamila Zarychta, who had good contacts in payment office was signing him to collect allowances. Fraud.

Trevor Coleman, UKIP MEP for South West along with William Dartmouth did not have their offices but their office expenses were used to pay for UKIP Headquarters in Lexdrum House, Newton Abbott and staff there including UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther and UKIP Party Director Lisa Duffy. FRAUD.

William Dartmouth on top of all other expenses and allowances he was collecting, also abused his MEP status to speed up receipt of his renewable energy EU subsidy for wind farms that were erected on his property. FRAUD and ABUSE OF OFFICE

Stuart Agnew was helping Lord Pearson (Malcolm Pearson) to run unincorporated Global Britain that was collecting illegal donations for UKIP. In addition, Agnew was already caught on secret Sunday Times recording that he and David Campbell Bannerman were illegally employing Peter Reeve (live-in partner of Lisa Duffy) as

UKIP Regional Organiser and instead of paying it from UKIP, both were like all UKIP MEPs abusing EU MEPs’ ‘assistants’ expenses to abuse taxpayers money to pay for UKIP staff and all MEP offices were UKIP offices, where constituents had no access. All literature was also UKIP literature, which again was not paid by UKIP but EU aka taxpayers funded. Agnew also abused his MEP status to fast track receipt of his maximum farming subsidies as Agnew was prior to becoming UKIP MEP, a farmer.

David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP MEP for East who later defected to

Conservatives, was using his own home in Cambridge as his ‘constituency office’ and was renting his constituency office from himself, had done extensive renovations on his house, using office expenses budget.

Marta Andreassen, UKIP MEP for South East did not even have UK based office as she never lived in UK and only became UKIP MEP after Nigel Farage demanded it. In order for her to become UK MEP she had to have lived in UK and be on electoral register. Marta always lived in Barcelona, Spain and was fraudulently recorded as


‘living at Malcolm Person’s flat in Central London’ so she could become UKIP MEP as Nigel wanted, which was fraud form the start.

Godfrey Bloom, Yorkshire and Humberside UKIP MEP used his own home as ‘Constituency Office’ and was using office expenses to pay his mortgage. All of Godfrey’s EU paid staff actually worked for Godfrey’s personal, private businesses. Emma Lund, Bloom’s Victoria Skowarnek, TBO Investments (Bloom’s private company) director David were all paid from EU Parliament expenses while exclusively working for TBO Investments. Jane Collins (now UKIP MEP) was employed as UKIP Regional organiser and actually worked for Bloom’s wife Katrina at her horse stables. FRAUD on unimaginable scale.

Gerard Batten admitted that on 17 October 2008 he travelled with Magnus Nielsen

(UKIP London member, also known extremist) instead to Brussels’s European Parliament to First CounterJihad Conference (extremist anti-Muslim conference) and claimed fraudulently for the trip from the European Parliament, submitting falsely that trip as a Parliamentary business and listing Magnus Nielsen, who does not even have a driving licence as a driver. In addition, Batten admitted that office which was UKIP London office is submitted to EU Parliament and they are paying for it as his constituency office, despite it being solely used as UKIP office. Batten further admitted that Lawrence Webb, UKIP London Regional Secretary is on EU staff payroll and has been since 2004, when Batten was first elected, on £45,000 p/a salary. Batten also gave me his insurance policy for his personal car Green Ford Escort that he bought using EU Parliament expenses at Ford Dagenham shop second hand for around £4200 and was using EU expenses to regularly pay his vehicle insurance. Batten admitted to employ two more people, Kamila Zarychta in Brussels where he never goes, where Batten was paying her half of her salary £45,000 p/a while the other half was paid by UKIP Wales MEP John Bufton, also £45,000 p/a (who at that time suffered stroke and was not working at all but was collecting full salary, expenses and allowances) as Kamila was very ‘useful to him’ because ‘she was signing Batten in Brussels where he was not going to get his allowances and was giving him daily reports on all Nigel’s activities in Brussels. He also bought two 50” Samsung televisions using EU expenses, one for his home, other for UKIP London office. Batten also said he is ‘employing’ one student to help him finish allegedly his law degree (later I found out that to be Batten’ friend Pavel Stroilov who did not speak English language to be able to study at the University level). Batten told me that ‘student’ is giving him back half of his £2000 payment as Batten claimed to face financial difficulties.

Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP for West Midlands at the time, Nigel told me will not be contacting me as Mike was very rich man and did not need to claim any expenses but was donating to UKIP, while Derek Clark, was too old, too confused and already under OLAF Fraud investigation for paying UKIP regional organisers (and was found guilty and ordered to repay £31,000 – strangely case of large fraud was not referred to the police).

Batten at the very end of ‘confessions of almost all UKIP MEPs’ also left on my desk invoice from his brother Harold dated in 2009. Initially as Harold called UKIP London office almost every day, always asking to talk to Lawrence Webb and discussing UKIP leaflets and brochures I thought that he was just a member. After I


was finally given the invoice, Batten reluctantly admitted that his brother is working for him too, at the rate of £2500 per month plus invoices that he submitted for design and printing of UKIP flyers, leaflets, headed papers, brochures and promotional materials.

I was absolutely shocked and furious about fraud admitted. Although Telegraph never called and put only in the article salaries and attendances, I was fuming and confronted Nigel Farage that fraud is not acceptable, is a serious crime and that UKIP is actually engaging in almost industrial scale fraud where almost every single MEP was involved. Nigel told me and stupidly I semi-believed him that confronting his MEPs will mean that they would no longer do it and maybe start repaying money they were stealing.

At the beginning of December 2010 Batten told me that he put my name too on EU expenses list and that I will not be paid until mid January. I was beyond furious, as I was told UKIP would be paying that small sum and it was only temporary not 3 months followed by further three months of contract. On 02 December Batten called me in his office which was always locked and started aplogising for not paying for my parking (in his first email he said he would pay for my parking) and then in the office on the first day he said that he would pay for my parking and petrol expenses and gave me £500. I reluctantly took it as by that time I have already spent more than that and there was no accounting attached to it. I demanded accounting, being finance person I was always vary of any round sums not followed by paperwork. At the same time Batten gave me his brochure “UKIP Immigration – Action Overdue’ and showed me last page of what he called perfectly reasonable Affirmation for Muslim Charter. Just few days later that I dragged Batten to prime media event when Julian Assange was arrested and was to be extradited to Sweden on European Arrest Warrant on 07 December 2010. That day alone Batten, who previously could not get even column inch anywhere had 13 live television interviews and some seven days later further 8. He was on every national and international TV station from BBC to Hong Kong TV to CNN. Only SkyNews refused to interview him as their reporter said he doesn’t interview racists. While I was busy getting Batten interviews, (next day Batten was over the Moon, and the same evening he took me to his home to meet his wife as he was extremely happy to get media attention and see his face on TV), Batten was with

Pavel Stroilov who appeared in front of old Horsfrey Magistrates Court just of Westminster. I met Stroilov for a minute after overhearing him from the media quarters openly and loudly saying how ‘Arabs are dirty and should be removed’ while all World media was present, including many journalists from Arabic countries. I quickly approached Batten to ask him who is that strange person (Stroilov was dressed in back cape and cylinder) and Batten introduced me where Stroilov spoke some sort of barely there, broken English. Batten said that Stroiov is that student he was helping, his friend who he was helping. I told Batten that it is better that his friend stays completely quiet as journalists were in the gathering in front of him and could hear them, which would be media disaster. Only Dutch journalist overheard them and asked me how can I work for such seedy character. I never saw Stroilov again until I took batten to Employment Tribunal and Stroilov submitted some witness statement, written in English saying how Stroilov is famous Russian dissident who stole 50,000 KGB files in 2004 from Russia and brought them all to UK (which


is impossible as KGB did not exist after 1990 and how would any person bring that many files with them as they were never stored on computers but were in paper form).

When Christmas finally came I was already desperate to get myself out that awful situation. I was miserable, read Batten’s booklet which was even more racist than Mein Kampf, in my opinion. I became anxious, with stomach pains, could not relax and developed severe allergy that I had to treat with steroid tablets as nervous rash was all over my body. After Christmas Holiday I had huge problems going to UKIP London office, as when I would leave my for work, I would get stomach cramps, headache, vomits and could not drive. My marriage also started to suffer as I was moody and constantly on edge, unable to sleep and impossible short tempered, and all I kept saying was when I would come home after long drive from Ilford to Maida Vale everyday was ‘You would not believe what they did today”. It was worse than working in mental institution (and I know as a medical student I did my practice there) as in mental institution treatment was given and there was no perpetual criminal behavior.

Early part of January I was almost every day sick, vomiting, with patchy dry rash all over my body that even steroid tablets prescribed by dr Kotowski did not fully cure as I was in constant state of stress. After I confronted Batten few times over his UKIP Immigration booklet, telling him it was worst piece of racist rubbish, Batten turned on me calling me rude names, saying how I should behave like English, suggesting I change my name to ‘Bostock’ as my surname sounded Turkish to him and he really didn’t like Muslims. He also started talking about my husband, saying how he had ‘hook giant Jewish nose’ and must be Jew, how my husband at that time must be Jewish, was part of some Bilderberg Group (that I did not even hear about before), how I must be rich as ‘each Bilderberger gets £1 million when joining’ and how I should really give half of my salary (that I did not even receive at that point) to Kamila, as she was ‘nice Catholic girl’ who needs money. At mid January I did not receive any payment into my account at all, except odd £500 Batten gave me to cover all petrol and parking costs. Later on, when Batten made up false, malicious criminal allegations, Batten lied as he did in the Crown Court how I asked him for some loan as I was, according to him, in a desperate financial situations, where my then husband was not giving me money, which is notorious and easily disprovable lie. I had in my account over £3700 and payments were coming from Dragomir Mikulic, my then husband. Furthermore, there was an email Batten sent me on 04 November 2010 (Batten lied I started working on 01 November 2010) saying that I will be coming to office on Monday, 08th of November 2010, and he would pay for my parking costs.

Once there he agreed to pay all my parking and petrol costs, as reasonable expenses due to extreme mileage coming to his UKIP London based office in Ilford from Maida Vale, W10. On top of it, despite his ‘public polite self restrained appearances’, real Gerard Batten had the worst habits, using East End insults, terrible bodily functions and constant requests to accompany him to the builders café where he would have English breakfast with tea and terrible table manners, which are my pet peeves.

Mid January I was still not paid and I asked Lawrence Webb what time in months and how frequent he gets paid. Lawrence told me his salary always comes by the 15th of each month and it was strange that my payment did not come. He immediately started blaming Kamila Zarychta, saying she had a habit of stealing and that invoice


Batten was submitting (I have never submitted invoice nor would I know how, Batten was creating invoices and submitting them through someone called Roger Webb, that I never met nor had any communication with him).

At that point I already had enough of UKIP nonsense and decided to stay at home, to continue my normal life that was not making me that sick, on edge, insulted, nervous, with all possible side – effects including grinding my teeth to the very bottom (my dentist can confirm it as he tried rebuilding them later), and countless sleepless nights. Batten was anyway that week in Strasbourg (he would attend once a month Strasbourg Parliament but never Brussels Parliament).

On Wednesday, 19 January 2011 Steve Crowther, UKIP Chairman called me on my mobile to ask me to cover for UKIP Chief Press Officer Gawain Towler, who was going away for three weeks to Australia to bring his wife to the country. I told Crowther that I had enough of all UKIP thing, that it was destroying me mentally, making me very sick, destroying my relationship (my husband was getting very angry why was I doing it to myself and our family, bringing all stress and dysfunction to home, while wasting money to get myself ill, instead of staying home, doing my consultancy work, making money and being happy go lucky person I was before). Crowther was insisting to stay at least until Towler comes back as nobody could cover for him. I said to Crowter it was out of the question as on top of all stress and all problems Batten was constantly creating, I was not paid at all, except odd £500 he gave me for petrol and parking expenses, that could not even cover a week and a half.

Crowther got really upset, repeating why was I not paid and saying whatever cock up

Batten made, he must pay me. On Friday, 21 January 2011 Batten called me, around 4 pm asking manically ‘What is your account number?” I asked him “Why?” and he kept saying he was in the Barclays bank in Ilford and Crowther told him to pay me. I gave Batten my account number. (Phone records exist). Batten called me once again asking me to check whether I received money in my bank account. I confirmed yes, I did and then he told me that he is in huge trouble with Crowther and if I could please come back to UKIP London office on Monday. Reluctantly I said I would. That Monday Batten asked Kamila Zarychta to check why was I not paid and Kamila initially that Monday at 12.09 faxed me first alleged ‘proof of the payment from the payment office’ followed by second alleged ‘proof of the payment from the same payment office’, emailed at 15:22. I immediately noticed, having dealt with proofs of the payments for considerable part of my working life, that those two proofs of alleged payments were different. They both contained same sum of £2500 and were containing my name but invoice numbers and dates of payments were completely different. I emailed Zarychta that same day 16:20 asking her what was she sending me and why those documents have different dates and numbers. She pretended not to know what I was asking and instead of reply she wrote that she will call me back later, which she didn’t. (These emails and fax proofs somehow ended up in my deleted email folder and could not have been found for the trial to show Zarychta’s manipulation). One of the documents show that payments was for a single day of work dated from 01/12/2010 to 01/12/2010. I submitted these as well as ‘email source showing Zarycha sent them to Criminal Case Review Commission as a new evidence previously not available in January 2016 upon obtaining new computer, after police took my computer and recovering those deleted files.


Batten then asked me to provide him with the bank statement. At that time, as I am doing to this day, I was solely using Internet Banking as opposed to old style postal statement banking. At my home I did not have any personal bank statements, as due to the nature of my business, I had to keep all invoices, all proofs of payments and all bank statements for 20 years and living in 2 bedroom flat, full of business files dating back some of them with important legal documents, to 1993, I simply did not have a space to keep my personal banking statements, and was shredding them. Only banking statements present in my home were my business bank statements, my husband statements for his business and few statements for my underage son’s from his Child account. In the morning of 25th I was asked to provide my personal bank statement, which I did. I logged and subsequent police forensic examination shows, to my NatWest bank at 08:11:01, copied and pasted (my printer was printing Internet pages in two parts, not full Internet page) it on word document at 08:11:02, saved and printed it. All done within one second and therefore impossible to change anything. On witness stand DS Reardon confirmed that same timeline, added that data came from secure NatWest Internet banking and was true refection of what was on the screen.

For explanation purposes, as Crown was suggesting I altered something, it would have meant that I either breached tight Internet banking security and altered statement there, which would take even to expert hacker considerable time, let alone to me who would not even know how do it or that I altered, picture that was copied and pasted using some photo altering programme, which again would take me lot of time and nobody in the World could have done it in one (1) second, which is the time it took me to copy, paste, save and print that not altered document. It is simply not reasonable nor feasible to suggest that any person in the World, even Bill Gates himself could have performed that operation in that one second. Furthermore, DS Reardon on stand repeatedly said during his sworn testimony on 16 July that documents were identical and data originated from NatWest Internet Banking site. At 08:23 I scanned the printout in pdf form, again identical as I had a long habit to send all important documents in business in pdf form and emailed pdf to Batten and Kamila Zarychta. Kamila Zarychta did not open that email until 06 December 2011, at 17:36:36 some 8 days after I was arrested, when I was supposed to have police interview scheduled for 07 December 2011, and when I received on my Blackberry that was not seized by the police, notification of read email. Some five minutes later, after 17:36:36, Galvin called me to say he was moving interview to 09 December 2011. Later on in CPS disclosure that same email appeared under James Galvin heading and is now subject of IPCC upheld DPS criminal investigation against James Galvin.

The other lie Batten presented to Court was that I was some researcher, secretary or something like that on some trial period to see ‘what skills I had’. I was never researcher and I never researched anything for any UKIP MEP or UKIP itself, as I was falsely represented. I was UKIP press officer based on my journalistic background, where Nigel Farage asked me to help UKIP post General Election 2010, where I, as opposed to other UKIP candidates had all positive media coverage, was in media and was stopping UKIP’s candidates’ media stupidities (monitoring buffoonery of Paul Wiffen and few other UKIP candidates as well as coaching some of them).


Nigel specifically asked me to monitor Batten and help him get any positive media coverage and stop him making ‘comments that could sink UKIP’. I failed miserably in that role as Batten’s is simply impossible to work with, paranoid, obsessed with hatred and impossible to reason with, which was subsequently been proven in media from his various persistent racism to explicit threats to journalists who even attempted to uncover his massive fraud.

I had a huge disagreements with Batten his racist’s idiocy with UKIP Immigration – Action Overdue, Muslim Charter and final breaking point came after he tricked me to attend the meeting with bunch of Christian Concern, BNP, EDL extremists on false pretences that he wanted me to meet “his friend who was also refugee’ who turned out to be notorious anti-Muslim hate preacher Sam Solomon, which happened after legitimate pre-arranged meeting I organised with Julian Assange’s lawyer at that time, Mark Stephens on 10 February 2011 (emails and written evidence exists). As soon as I left that horrible and exceptionally nasty meeting (I have evidence in the form of both Batten’s handwritten proposal, two subsequent emails acknowledging meeting, with typed proposals), trembling, shaking furious, for the first time in my life experiencing heart palpitations, I headed to Oxford Circus tube (meeting was at Christian Concern offices at 70 Wimpole Street), Batten was following talking some rubbish to his only journalistic contact Anil Dawar, from UKIP supporting Express newspapers, took a tube straight to Maida Vale, and as soon as I emerged from the Underground called Nigel Farage screaming at him in anger, telling him that Batten took me to extremist meeting with BNP, EDL, Christian extremists, how he wanted to expand his Muslim Charter to include Jews, how EDL’s leader Tommy Robinson was on Sam Solomon’s phone giving his suggestions, and I had enough of all of it. (proof of the phone call exists). I yelled at Nigel that I had enough of racism, seedy characters, fraud, all UKIP shenanigans. Nigel tried calming me down, saying how he will punish Batten, but at point I was beyond furious and after Nigel kept telling me to calm down, to come to work at UKIP Main Office where he is based at 32 Smith’s Square (Old Tory Party Headquarters), I kept telling Nigel that I am need to think about only if he firmly promises to kick Batten out, stamp hard on all racism and sort out fraud issue. I kept telling him “You have one month to do it, just one month or Nigel, I am walking out and talking about everything. I had enough, this is not what I joined UKIP for’. Nigel promised to do it within a month. I became again too sick, with unbelievable headaches, vomiting, palpitations and extreme weakness.

I flatly refused to return to UKIP London office in Ilford and was keeping any communication with Batten to bare minimum. I worked for UKIP main office, for Nigel Farage andfor example, organied Nigel’s Mumsnet appearance, disproving Batten’s lies in Court that there was no fall out. Only communication with Batten was mainly about missing payment, as I raised the question after I received payment in February directly with European payments office, asking whether that was missing payment for November. Batten kept calling me, it took me all restrain I had left in me to keep any resemblance of polite manners, mainly about payment issue. He kept asking me to go to the branch of my bank to check if the payment has come. I kept telling him that branches do not deal with international payments, that I had dealing with NatWest and International payments for a long time and that there is a International payment center NatWest has, that I called as it happened before that international payments would not get credited immediately, to ask them if they were


holding it, where their response was that payment has not arrived at all. Batten insisted that I visit a branch which I did on three separate occasions Swiss Cottage and once Miada Vale branch. just to get him off my back and each time I was shown screen of my account, explained, like to idiot, that it is same as on my Internet banking that they had a record I was using and kept telling me to call International Payment Centre. In March I received BACS proof of the payment from British branch of HSBC to NatWest (BACS is Banking Association Clearing System that only applies to internal payments between British based account i.e if I was to send a payment to my son’s bank account it would be done via BACS or CHAPS and only applies to domestic and not to international payments). I kept asking for SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), which is International Banking payment transfer proof to challenge NatWest if they held the payment.

I never received full SWIFT with message from the sending bank, date and time of transfer, details of the bank sending payment, corresponding bank confirmation of receipt of that particular payment, with date and time of receipt and transfer with date and time from corresponding bank to my IBAN number and SWIFT code of NatWest bank. During his testimony DS Reardon claimed that BACS and SWIFT are same, which are not and simple Google search would show that BACS is domestic while SWIFT is International and this was the case of International payment.

Other than payment matters, and then mainly with EU Parliament payments office I did not have communication with Batten and was avoiding him like a plague. At the beginning of March 2011, Lawrence Webb phoned to tell me that Nick Lowles of Searchlight magazine (magazine exposing fascist and racists) keeps calling UKIP

London office trying to talk to Batten about his links to as then known deputy EDL

Leader Alan Lake aka Alan Ayling. Lawrence asked me to help Batten, and I told Lawrence that I could not care less, and if Batten gets exposed it is good, as someone had to expose that racist creep. After that Batten kept calling me with incredible personal insults, (Muslim lover, dirty stupid Slav, Jewish whore, traitor who should be tried for treason to this country, how I am never going to be English, how he will have me deported and similar type of insults). Article about Batten appeared mid March in Searchlight (copy exists) where Batten’s links to anti-Muslim preacher Sam Solomon and Alan Lake, where they had a lunch at Liverpool Street station.

Batten asked me to issue statement on his behalf, which I refused and instead of writing any cover up for Batten’s racism and incitement of racial and religious hatred, I called my local police team Harrow Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team and reported

Batten for the crime of inciting racial and religious hatred under s 5 of the Public Order Act. I gave Police Officer who attended (slim man, of Asian origin) “Charter of Muslim Understanding’, explained meaning of it where Batten is asking entire British Muslim Community to reject their Holy Book Quran and instead pledge allegiance to him, in the form of Code of Conduct that he was sending to the individuals that he thought were of Muslim name on the Electoral Register as well as to many organisations representing that religious community. In addition I highlighted from his UKIP Immigration – Action Overdue many racist statements – racial superiority of Anglo-Saxons race, statements how East London looks like

Bangalore, Bangladesh and Somalia, how Eastern European are criminals who control crime in London and again blatant attacks on the Muslim community. I also submitted


his hand written proposal for Dismantling Multiculturalism, his typed up proposal that is both racist against Muslim and Jewish communities, as well as Binding Code of Conduct for Muslims and Jews that he was planning to send. Copy of Binding Code of Conduct Gerard Batten sent to my ex-husband Dragomir Mikulic to sign as a Jew, obsession with Jewish Bilderberg Conspiracy as confirmed by Michael Whine, Director of Security for CST and Board of Deputies. I supplied emails as well as a proof that such meeting indeed took place, who were participants, asked police to check Sam Solomon’s mobile number to prove that EDL Leader Tommy Robinson was participant in the meeting despite of his records of inciting racial and religious hatred and violence against police. I also submitted Batten’s interview he gave to Asian journalist where he was categorically stating that Muslims live in the 6th century and Islam reformer was known leading terrorist Bin Laden. Finally I gave police email Batten sent me praising known European fascist Geert Wilders, stating that during meeting on 10 February I was asked to commit offence against National Security and somehow bring Wilders in the country despite explicit ban on entry for

Geert Wilders issued by Home Secretary on the account of danger to National Security. I gave police short statement highlighting additional verbal statements Batten was regularly saying as well as offensive names he kept calling me.

Gawain Towler wrote silly statement on Batten’s behalf saying how Batten was meeting all his constituents and basically lying on Batten’s behalf. Batten then decided it to send it to me. (copy of the email exists as well as Towler’s statement on Batten’s behalf trying to portray it as a lunch with constituent).

On Tuesday, 22 March 2011 my son was robbed at knifepoint in front of my home, naturally affecting me badly in already dreadful situation. Police attended, looked at CCTV but never caught the culprit. Few days later I called Nigel to ask him what was going on with his promise to kick Batten out as he was still there, still pestering me, with other racist incidents, as well how he was getting on with eradicating fraud and repayment of stolen taxpayers money by UKIP MEP’s. Nigel told me it was best not to talk about it on the phone but to meet him at Chiswick Memorial Club, at Bourne Place in Chiswick, London where he was to hold a meeting on 31 March 2011.

I arrived late and once Nigel finished giving his speech (photos on my Blackberry exist), we went downstairs alone to have a conversation and cigarette. Nigel immediately started complaining that his back was hurting him badly, post his plane accident, and was stretching. I told him to see orthopedic and maybe take up swimming. Then I asked he what was going with our deal? Batten was despite his promises still there, was still making horrific racist statements, fraud was going unabated and despite his firm promise nothing has changed. Instead of answering my question, Nigel suddenly asked me ‘As you are in finance normally, what do think if journalists and snoopers would find bank account I opened in Cayman Islands?’ I was taken a back and said to him ‘You did what?’ He said Steven Woolfe (now MEP naturally) advised him and opened accounts in Cayman Islands where Woolfe was based at that time but his main worry was if those bank accounts would be found if journalists start snooping around his finances, especially as he put lot of his money there and Woolfe opened account as Farage Ltd and Thorn in the Side Ltd. I was shocked and furious and told him that hiding money is offshore accounts is really bad


idea, that Cayman Islands also have to adhere to International Money Laundering Agreement and that anybody with financial background would find those accounts easily. I simply can’t believe you were doing it and being so stupid. (Later on Times discovered both of his Cayman Island accounts and published it in 2014).

I pressed Nigel further on my demands, and his response was “Batten was only with any budget left in his EU expenses, and since you can’t agree to work with Batten, I can’t find any way to pay for you, nor can I loose Batten as I would lose the Group in the European Parliament’. I turned to Nigel very close to him and told him that basically he lied and his word means nothing. As I was leaving Nigel, I furiously turned to him and said unlike you I keep my word and I will be walking out and talking about everything that I witnessed and will report all crimes I witnessed and was told about.

Then I jumped in my car and drove off, coming home furious that I have been played so badly by the bunch of racist criminals, constantly saying to my then husband who already had enough of me and UKIP, how I made biggest mistake of my life. My ex husband, was furious with me telling me that at that rate I will be suffering nervous breakdown, how I already destroyed relationship with him and now will hurt my son. He suggested that I urgently need holiday, both my knifepoint robbery shaken and terrified son and I who was impossible to live with. He suggested holiday in the Sun and I booked immediately Barbados resort for 11 April 2011. In April 2011 my salary again went missing and raised that question with EU Payments office Mr Van Hearren, in quite rude, very unusual for me, email, bypassing Batten as I was refusing to talk to him. February salary that was coming for April instead of 11 April 2011, appeared on 14 April 2011 and that morning I left for Barbados. (I have a copy of the booking and time of holiday as a proof). During 9.5 hours flight to Barbados, as soon as I landed and was in a long queue for immigration that lasted almost two hours as soon as I took out my phone I had 14 missed calls and messages from Batten, to call him back. I did as soon as I cleared immigration and customs and asked him rudely what was going on for him to call me 14 times, what was so urgent as I was on the long plane flight. He said nothing important, enjoy your holiday sarcastically, we can talk when you come back. Next morning at 4 am my mobile phone rang and it was Batten again. I asked him what was going on, why is he calling me at that hour, and again he stated, “Nothing, we can talk when you come back”. Following morning he repeated it, 4 am call, same response. At that point I started switching off the phone during the night as he kept calling every morning. I came home on Friday, 22 April 2011, and after catching some sleep with flight that lasted instead of usual 9.5 hours, 13.5 hours as we had to wait on the plane on runway for 4 hours for our language to be loaded and could not sleep on the plane as my son and I ended up in the tight area at the back of the plane where I could not stretch, sitting next to huge man. I called Batten in the evening asking him what was the fuss with all those calls? He again repeated no fuss, enjoy your Bank Holiday, nothing is happening we can talk some other time. During his harassment, just to prove contrary to Batten’s lies in Crown Court, our relationship was at such a level that I sent him text “I am on holiday and will deal with you when I came back” (Message is saved and exists).

On Easter Monday, 25 April 2011, after I came from Barbados on Friday and yet again 4 am wake up call from Gerard. Jump asking what it is. Says ‘No big issue.


Enjoy your holiday. Speak tomorrow.’ Crazy, just messing with my head. Can’t calm down whole day.

I did not speak to Batten again, and on Tuesday 27 April 2011, I receive a phone call from my bank informing me that some man named Gerard Batten called them and asked if I was doing Christmas shopping in Harrods. Bank told me that obviously they could not divulge any information to him and that I should speak to that man. I texted then Annabelle Fuller, Nigel Farage’s press officer to tell her what was happening (texts exists). All my stress that somewhat disappeared during the holiday started coming back, as soon as I heard his voice.

On 29 April, Friday it was bank holiday due to Royal Wedding and next day my torturous contract with UKIP came to end, giving me huge relief.

At the beginning of May 2011 my marriage broke down due to my actions and behaviour while in UKIP and my husband found solace with someone else. We separated amicably in May and began divorce proceedings.

In May 2011 I submitted detailed, documented fraud report against all UKIP MEPs except Mike Nattrass, their admissions, documents proving thefts, payments to UKIP regional organisers, payments for UKIP offices, mortgage payments for Bloom’s house, employment of family members, fake employees, Harold Batten where money was split, paying with EU staff expenses employees in MEPs private companies, (Gerard’s brother’s inflated invoices), purchase of the car and insurance of the car, Marta Andreassen’s residency status, Cayman Island’s offshore accounts, priority farming and wind mills subsidies, as well as role of UKIP’s employee in Brussels Kamila Zarychta who through her contacts in EU payment office was illegally signing in her ex boyfriend Paul Nuttall, John Bufton who suffered stroke and Gerard Batten, where none of them were ever appearing in Brussels and were collecting daily sustenance allowances.

I also reported Paul Wiffen after seeing on his laptop (after Annabelle Fuller told me) in the editing suite two disturbing child pornography images (one of young maybe 2 years old blonde girl with huge blue eyes naked where hairy male hand is fondling in the area where her breasts would be, and small baby, black skinned where same hairy male hand was touching his genitals)

On 31 May 2011 in the evening I suffered severe palpitations and next morning around 7 am I suffered severe heart attack where my troponin levels reached 4.7. I never had any heart issues, did not have any risk factors (no cholesterol, no triglycerides, no family history), fit and healthy and only 39 years old. Only previous instance where I suffered palpitations was after meeting at the Christian Concern on 10 February 2011 as I was trembling, furious and shouting on the phone (phone records exist) to Nigel Farage about latest and for me last idiocy Batten did, which is when I stopped going to Batten’s office and was refusing to help Batten with anything, keeping all conversation to the bare minimum and for my usual behaviour, quite rude. (Texts and emails exist).


After heart attack Annabelle called me every day to ask how I was (while Batten was busy hacking in my Facebook saying how my heart attack was caused by my Resident’s Association and not him, which is the way my son and my step children found out I had heart attack as I was still in hospital attached to oxygen, measuring devices and receiving urgent medications to stabilise my heart. He went as far as sifting through people on my Facebook friends list and in really bad colloquial, Serbo-Croat sent to three acquaintances, not friends, how I suffered bad heart attack, how I am feeling bad, alarming those people to ask me why am I contacting them to discuss my health issues and why am I using that regional accent that did not belong to the area where I was born and which I used). Fuller even visited me at my home after she was trying to arrange lunch as I was still too unwell to attend.

Few days later she convinced me to start Employment proceedings against Batten, guided me how to fill the forms, telling me which forms to use (texts and emails exist) and even forcing Steve Crowther to tell Batten to quickly settle the case for the suffering he caused me.

Annabelle called me on 09 June 2011, in the morning to ask me how am I, and then she asked if I watched the news. I told her I read BBC teletext as I do every morning until this day, as I don’t have a patience to watch badly edited and presented news, as a former news editor. She asked me if I seen Tory MP was arrested and I replied I did, it was the very first news on teletext. Then she asked me do I know who is that MP. I replied, No I don’t know. She told me Andrew Bridgen (name that did not mean anything to me despite the fact I was for considerable time in the Conservative Party, as I did not know every backbencher). She told me ‘I have his phone’, which I took to mean that she had his phone number, not an actual phone device. Then we talked about her forthcoming Ascot Ladies Day attendance and she was asking for my fashion advice. She told me that she planned to wear white dress and was not sure whether to pair it with red hat or white. I told her that red hat would clash with white badly and that white hat has to have some pastel colours otherwise she would look like a bride. (Police has a record of that call, and as they were searching for the records of calls between Annabelle and I, they found two phone calls she made to Nigel Farage from Bridgen’s bathroom before she fled stealing his House of Commons issued Blackberry and HoC pass).

On 15 June she attended Ascot and sent me photo, calling me to say how right I was and how everybody was complementing her on her looks.

All that time Fuller behaved her usual self, completely normal, cheerful. On 27 June we chatted on Facebook, (I am attaching that chat) she was in Morocco, when she told me how miserable she was preoccupied with some things and sent me link to Mirror interview she gave. In that interview she told how she was the one assaulted sexually by same Andrew Bridgen, how she was broken woman, unable to leave her home, without her parents, like a scared child, how her life was destroyed. My initial reaction was ‘Are you OK? How are you feeling? OMG’ Couple of minutes later it downed on me. All this time when she claimed she was miserable, depressed, unable to leave her home, she was in touch with me, was behaving normally, was cheerful, went to Ascot without her parents, never said a thing. I immediately called her and asked what on Earth happened, I was in touch with you regularly (texts, emails and calls exist) and you never said a word except the name of Tory MP who was arrested.


I asked her, ‘Annabelle what happened?’ She replied ‘Nothing happened’. What do you mean nothing? Her replied shocked me to the core. She said she was out, drinking and smoking in front of pub in Westminster, met Bridgen and his advisor (later it turned out it was Edward Green, Civil Servant not adviser), they ran out of cigarettes, jumped in the cab together, went to petrol station to buy cigarettes and cab dropped them off at Trafalgar Square. There she told she asked Bridgen to use his bathroom, and all three of them went to his flat in Admiralty Arch. She went to bathroom while Green and Bridgen went to have a glass of wine and cigarette on the balcony. As she left the bathroom she saw Bridgen’s phone and House of Commons pass on his bed, took it and ran out. As she was running away she slipped and hit her head on the glass door, alerting building security. Guard approached asking her what was she doing in the building and she told him she was in Bridgen’s flat and was attacked there, almost raped.

Throughout conversation I kept asking her did he touch you, did he attack you? And she kept saying No, but I had to say something to the little fucker, I am not gonna go down over his phone, is he flipping? Then she became excited saying ‘Oh, you should see what gems I found there. Messages from Cameron! I am going to download it, we will use it, it is brilliant. I kept asking her few more times if he attacked her (meaning Bridgen) and she kept saying NO, NO, are you mad? I had to say something to little fucker to get him of my back.

I was shocked that anyone in the World would be capable to do such a thing and told her ‘Are you fucking crazy? How can you accuse someone of that?’ which is unusual for me to use swear words. I put the phone down completely shocked.

Several days later, I am not quite sure either on 07 or 08 July 2011 (I remember couple of days before my son’s birthday 10 July) I reported it, to my local police who came to my home to take her photo, her FB messages and my brief statement.

On 06 October, after trying to postpone hearings and responses, Batten somehow managed to arrange CMD at the Employment tribunal. I was not even informed and by pure accident I called Tribunal on 05th to ask when the Hearing would happen, only to be told that I was having hearing next day. At that time I had barrister representing me and Batten appeared with Paul Diamond (notorious racist too, Google him) and his chief witness Pavel Stroilov, man I met only once for a minute in front of old Horsfrey Magistrates Court, where Assange proceedings were happening. I barely recognised him as he was not in his usual cape and cylinder but in suit. Only when Diamond said that was Batten’s chief witness ‘Russian dissident’ Pavel Stroilov, I began wondering what can he testify to, if I only met him once for a minute to stop him and Batten mumbling about ‘dirty Arabs’. Presiding Judge was Linda Goldman, who later on turned out to be Barrister working in the same Chamber as Matt Richardson, UKIP’s legal advisor. Batten first started lying how I never worked with him, how he never did anything wrong, my Barrister said Batten was under police investigation for racism and fraud, as well as under OLAF investigation for fraud against European Parliament, and then Paul Diamond, asked for (later turned out to be illegal and dismissed) reporting restrictions, based on Article 8 of Human Rights Act protection of the family. Goldman granted it immediately asking Batten how long does he want it. Batten replied as long as he secures his re-election. I was angry with my Barrister for not challenging illegal reporting restrictions that could


have been only granted in the cases of sexual harassment or disability harassment but not in the case of racial and religious harassment, Equality Act 2010 and constructive dismissal.

As we were leaving Batten said to Diamond “I will report her for crime too’.

On the way back, my ex-husband who drove me as at point I was very weak and unwell awaiting heart surgery that subsequently happened on 24 October 2011, urged me to call Nigel, which I did. I spoke to Nigel on car’s speakerphone and my ex-husband heard entire conversation. I told Nigel Batten was being idiot, lying how I never worked there, how Batten was under both police and OLAF investigation. Nigel said it was about the time OLAF investigated ‘Fucking BT Salesman’ (how Nigel always referred to and called Batten) as he was stealing uncovered for far too long. I told Nigel “You must come as a witness that I worked there and I reported Batten’s unbelievable racist, harassing, obnoxious behavior towards me” (I have text messages with Nigel and Annabelle discussing Batten’s horrible behavior). Nigel’s response was that he couldn’t testify against his own MEP as that would destroy his Parliamentary Group. I told Nigel he must do the right thing for once as Batten destroyed my health, but Nigel kept repeating how he couldn’t testify against his MEP and about EU Parliament Group. I furiously put the phone down on him, confident that I had all written evidence against Batten.

12 October 2011 I send to Nigel Farage text message asking him why he never did anything about Batten after I made so many complaints to him. Texts saved on my old Blackberry

Few days later I was contacted by Policeman Reardon to tell me that they looked at Batten’s publications, especially Muslim Charter, and everything I highlighted in his other racist documents and could not find anything racist (later on when that same Charter appeared on front pages of all leading newspapers Charter was condemned as a Nazi document and caused national outrage). Few days before my surgery I was again contacted by Reardon and officer Galvin who came to my home saying fraud report I produced was too complex for them and it would be the best way if EU Parliament investigated it as they did not understand it completely, did not have resources to investigate fully, it was complex. I told them that OLAF was investigating and OLAF contacted me (someone else possibly form the police contacted OLAF) and Reardon and Galvin took details how to contact OLAF and promised that they will cooperate with them.

OLAF then asked me to send all documentary evidence to them, which I did. Several OLAF investigators were involved but the main one was Neil Ritchie.

I had my surgery on 24 October 2011, in my good old fashion refused full anesthetics, immediately discharged myself from St Mary’s Hospital and came home for recovery, under strict cardiologist order to take it easy, not to get upset at all due to adrenaline hits that caused damage to my heart in the first place, as during the procedure they had to burn additional electrical pathways in my heart, that were created through


stress caused adrenaline hits. They also checked my arteries via angiogram that prove that all arteries were clear, elastic and in excellent condition, without single deposit.

I had a deadline to submit all evidence against Batten by 30 November 2011. On the 29th November as I was slowly copying documentary evidence in 4 copies for 3 Tribunal members and defendant Batten, I ran out of the cartridge on my all in one copy, scan, printer and called my ex-husband, unable to leave the home, still with wounds from deep cuts in my groin area, if he could buy me some (I remained on very good, friendly terms with my ex). Around 11 am someone knocked on my door and when I opened they told me they were police officers, 4 of them, 3 men where I recognised Galvin and Reardon, male officer Stoppard and female officer Else. Since at that time I was almost 10 years member of the Westminster Police Community Consultative Group many police officers, especially senior ranks, would whenever they were in my area, would pop around to my place for cup of tea and to discuss happenings. I thought that group came for the same reason and that Galvin and Reardon maybe had more information about still live fraud, child pornography and Bridgen’s investigation. I let them in, without even glancing at their warrants, apologised that I was in loose pajamas, that I had to walk slowly due to being cut post surgery and asked them who wanted tea or coffee. I went to my kitchen while they proceeded to my living room. One of them Galvin, started saying I am under arrest, and I took it as a joke, as many police officers, prior to him, especially jokester, now Superintendent last time I spoke to him, Andy Howe, used to do joke like that. I kept saying to Galvin, “Hold your horses, tea and coffee are coming, I can’t do it any faster”. He continued saying “you are under arrest”, while I was preparing cups, tea bags and sugar. As he continued with his “you are under arrest mantra”, I came to living room before I had poured water from the boiled kettle, asking him, jokingly “what did I do?”. He said “You defrauded European Parliament”. I replied to him “Are you insane, how can I defraud some institution that I had never had access to and never been to”? Galvin said “I am arresting you for fraud against European Parliament” and I asked “What do you mean, who could have reported such stupidity”. Galvin replied “Mr Batten”. I replied “Oh, him”. Then it downed on me that Batten was making up the staff and they are actually doing it. I became very upset, as anyone completely innocent without even parking ticket to her name would and became very unwell, recording huge blood pressure and collapsing. Reardon called ambulance and 4 medics arrived furious, left their names to testify against police behavior and took me to St Mary’s. By that time my ex arrived, found me on the couch, with 4 medics tending to me and two of us left with ambulance. Upon arrival to the Hospital, it was established that due to stress my left ventricle suffered atrophy and was not functioning. (records, photo from the blood pressure monitor and names of medics who attended exits).

While Police was still there in my flat, they had a limited search warrant to obtain only financial records and not to touch legally privileged material. DS Else and DC Stoppard went in to my room, took my desktop computer, I followed and gave DC Else as she was asking for financial records such as bank statements. I told her that I only had my business bank statements and personal and business accounts statements for my ex-husband and child account statements for my son. She took two files. Reardon and Galvin remained in my living room. Reardon took my laptop computer that contained pretty much nothing, while Galvin kept standing in my living room,


next to the floor lamp. I was trying to reason with Reardon, telling him it was vindictive mistake, that I have never done a single infringement in my life, not even a parking ticket, have full British security clearance showing that nobody even in my family had any civil infringement, let alone criminal as I would not be able to get security clearance.

When I became really ill, from the unimaginable stress they caused me (just imagine being innocent person, community leader who was getting arrested) Reardon de-arrested me, called ambulance, saying he was once upon a time paramedic.

Gavin just left search warrant and wrote his contact details to call him when I feel better. Reardon kept saying to take my time, there is no hurry, to recover and then to call them.

I was so rightfully agitated and during the stay in A&E called one of my police contacts, DS Dave Finlayson, who told me it is impossible that I was arrested, nothing was showing on the police computer, that it was some mistake. Dave, who was frequent guest at my home asked me who reported it and I said Batten’s name and details, telling him that police reports against Batten exist but he could not find any. I self discharged from the hospital, I email Dave Finlayson, who in email (it exists) confirmed that files against Batten could not be found anywhere, and he would make sure that they do exist, creating them again. I sent to him everything again. Finlayson called me next day to tell me that police report against me exists but for some unknown reason was locked and he could not access it. He also tried talking to Galvin, who strangely told him I was guilty of fraud against European Parliament, that even Finlayson who knew me for a long time could not understand.

Next day, on 30th I notified Employment Tribunal that I lost my computer through false, malicious actions of false report to the police Batten arranged and could not prepare documentary evidence (document exists). Tribunal asked Batten for explanation but his only response was she is now arrested and Tribunal should be aware of that I am criminal who would be charged.

I immediately found the lawyer Hodge Jones and Allan and they called to arrange for meeting with the police. Meeting was arranged for 07 December at 10 am, but due to already mentioned, suspicious read email notification I received on my Blackberry that was explained above and is subject of police criminal investigation, got postponed to 09 December 2011.

On 09 December 2011 I came to West Central police Station with my lawyer, waited for 45 minutes for Galvin and Reardon to come, and as soon as they came Galvin arrested me again, despite protestation from my lawyer Ruth Hammond from Hodge Jones Allan, who noted them.

I was taken to custody suite, where I saw behind custody desk Superintendent John

Morgan, who I knew for 10 years from Westminster Police Community Consultative Group. Morgan was shocked to see me, and asked what I was doing there. I jokingly responded ‘Well, it seems I am Al Capone’. Morgan became very uncomfortable and quickly left custody suite. I was asked for my name, address, DOB, physical health, any allergies (I stated poor physical health due to heart condition, allergy to penicillin


and latex), and then taken to have my photo taken and finger prints with officer wearing latex gloves that brought out my eczema and caused severe itching.

I waited in the central area of the custody suite with my lawyer, then she was called for some disclosure chat with Galvin and Reardon and after good two hours interview began. Prior to interview my Lawyer told me that police have my hard copy bank statement (that would prove contentious in Court) and it was showing payment n 20 December 2010. She advised me to respond to all police questions with “No comment”, which I found hard to do and prepared the statement saying if the money was found and there was banking error, as I was always saying, money will be immediately repaid to Batten.

As we were leaving Galvin said, your client will be charged.

In January 2011 my lawyers contacted Galvin telling him in writing that I am willing to repay all the money and on 02 March 2011 Galvin refused to have any dealings with mechanics of repayment of the money. On my volition I sent in January Batten personal cheque that was not cashed, nor it was ever retuned. I was on bail. First Employment Tribunal Hearing was supposed to happen on 20 December 2011, and my lawyers arranged with Reardon to release my laptop and documents I needed for the Employment Tribunal, civil legal proceedings I had against Batten. I received limited number of documents, with many of my family photos that were on second hard drive in the desktop where I kept them missing, many legal documentary evidence missing as well as many emails deleted. For example thousands of emails that I received for 10 years working for Westminster Police Community Consultative Group, many with senior police officers, which were saved, vanished. Each time I tried to log in to my email account, there was notification that email was accessed for unknown location and hacked. (Document exists).

New Years Eve 2011/2012 – unknown men at my door shouting you bitch will pay for suing Batten, which continued in January 2012 I started getting big, clean shaven, Nazi thugs late night visits to my door with shouting, and expletive ridden threats that both my son and I will be killed and our flat burned. Same continued happening in February 2012, and at the same time I started to receive calls from my former employer – where I was contractor for wide variety of Economist businesses (Business Central Europe, European Voice, Economist Conferences, Economist Research, Economist Intelligence Unit and Economist magazine itself) that they are getting letters and phone calls form someone called Gerard Batten telling them I am fraudster. My health was suddenly main topic for Batten’s UKIP known associates on various social media accusing me of lying about my health, discussing it, saying no medical evidence exists (it actually does exists and plenty of it) which was repeated by Batten, prompting my GP to intervene and supply to Employment Tribunal statement that I am seriously sick through actions of Gerard Batten.

On 13 of February 2010 I filed in Central London County urgent request for Restraining Order under Protection from Harassment Act 1997. 19 February 2012 – woman named Mary from Batten’s office comes to my door late in the evening to tell me I will spend rest of my days in jail. Call police on 999 nobody responds, and nobody from the police responds to many phone calls I kept making about persistent harassment and threats at my doorstep.


27 February 2012 – Hearing at the Central London County Court for injunction.

Batten is represented by CCFON lawyer and Batten’s best friend Paul Diamond (known Christian fundamentalist stirring hatred against Muslims, Jews and LGBT community). Suddenly James Galvin also appears to testify against me on Batten’s behalf. Just before hearing in the Chamber, in the waiting area, in front of Court Usher J Hart Galvin laughs with Batten, hug each other, assuring him (just in front of me) that I will be charged no matter what and will end up in jail. Just as we entered Chamber Hon Judge Gilchrist is shocked to see ‘police officer’ and asks him what he is doing there. Galvin responds that I am criminal who will be charged and will end up in jail. Galvin also lied to the Judge claiming that no reports have ever been made against Gerard Batten (at that time there were 3 separate reports) and that Batten’s name does not appear in any police statements.

During the break in the proceedings I was approached by Battens best friend Paul Diamond and offered Batten’s withdrawal of all his allegations against me in return for dropping my Employment Tribunal proceedings against him and promising never to say another word against UKIP. I refused. Both incidents were witnessed by Dragomir Mikulic.

Later on that day I spoke and exchanged emails with alleged Galvin’s superior DI Andrew Fleming. In telephone conversation I simply asked who authorised Galvin to appear at all in the Civil case. I was met by barrage from Fleming telling me I am a thief who stole from ‘reputable MEP’, which is the reason I lost my job and how I am harassing Mr Batten with my case at the Employment Tribunal. I ended the telephone conversation then and emailed Fleming and Commander Simon Bray asking him to remind Galvin that it is not Police’s job to intervene in civil cases and especially not to mislead judges regarding accusations made against Batten. Both my email and Fleming’s response were deleted by someone other than me from my email account However, later on emails mysteriously reappear in deleted folder of my computer and are now saved, printed and available as documentary evidence.

At the same time James Galvin enters in Police CHRIS report false entry that he did not attend civil proceedings hearing and that Goran, Hodge Jones Allan Solicitors complained about Galvin’s meddling in civil case proceedings. That was Galvin’s blatant lie as both Official Court transcript as well as Galvin’s signed witness statement on behalf of Gerard Batten show he was there.

Hearing for full restraining order happened on 17 May 2012, where Batten’s defence abated by James Galvin was that all harassment Batten was doing, including hacking, discussion of my emails, thugs at my door, malicious letters Batten was sending to the Economist Group (Economist Group kindly provided me with those and they exists), was for the purposes of ‘crime prevention’ as I will be charged with some crime.

Employment Tribunal Hearing happened at 20 March where Batten was caught lying under Oath and committing perjury. I reported the matter to the police as usual, but whenever I would report anything to the Metropolitan Police, only person available to ‘investigate it’ was computer expert Shaun Reardon, who dismissed complaint, despite Batten’s own lies in sworn statement that meeting on 10 February was to “discuss raising anti-Semitism” (easily disproven with Batten’s own handwritten


proposals and Batten’s own emails with typed proposals he sent me. Furthermore, Batten lied in his sworn statement that his brother Harold never worked for him, where Harold’s invoice to UKIP London and Batten’s own admission to Open Europe think tank show Harold worked for Batten. During whole of the Employment Tribunal Proceedings Batten and Diamond were quoting James Galvin’s statement and wanting to call him as a witness, repeatedly stating that I am criminal who will certainly be charged, convicted and jailed. Batten did not win Employment Tribunal case as he later lied. Instead after I saw huge and persistent police interference in the civil proceedings, caught CPS Chief prosecutor Simon Timothy Orme tampering in the proceedings where he accidentally or on purpose Ccd me in the emails he was sending to the Tribunal on Batten’s behalf, I decided to withdraw from the legitimate proceedings due to illegal tampering by police and person from CPS.

At the end of April 2012 I became exasperated with police shenanigans and criminal conducts, and I decided to report Galvin, Reardon and Fleming to the IPCC. Reasons given interfering with civil cases, failure to investigate 4 crimes reported. Two cases against Batten – March 2011 for inciting racial and religious hatred, May 2011 for fraud and 3rd one for perjury and perverting the course of Justice at the East London Employment Tribunal in relation to claims Batten does not pay his brother (he does), existence of Charter of Muslim Understanding and Dismantling Multiculturalism. All police records of my allegations renamed as Crime Related Incidents, named of suspects removed and initial allegations I made in March and May 2011 deleted from Police National Computer.

27 September 2012 – the night before my birthday 10 pm Batten sends UKIP activist Mary to appear at my door (I was sitting in the living room and watching Grown Ups comedy with my son) and told me loudly for my son and my neighbours to hear she is delivering me Birthday wishes that I will end up in jail

10 October 2012 – with no resolution in sight I write letters to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister informing them both what is happening to me. Receive reply form Cameron’s office to confirm that he will be asking questions. Speak to Stephen Greenlagh, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime and he informs me that Boris has asked for DPS investigation.

25 October 2012 – letter received from Metropolitan Police DPS that none of the officers involved in my investigations are Police officers and cannot be traced in any systems.

In further communication with PS Sean Wray, PS Wray confirms that request has been received from the Mayor’s office, that both Mayor and Prime Minister have been informed and re-confirms that Galvin, Reardon, Fleming are not Police Officers. Not used in the Court as Barrister Piercy was not provided due to Reardon’s “”my father is imminently dying’ excuse.

November 2012 my son had to leave his private school that I was paying for since his reception year, as I became too sick, completely disabled, unable to work and could not pay for it. He had to wait almost 6 months to get a place in state school, where he still has a difficulty to adjust and due to all turmoil Batten caused, due to all


harassment, fear, reasonable threat to his life his grades suffered terribly with inevitable huge impact on his future.

19 February 2013 – further visit at the door with threats to life, 2 males with Mary from Batten’s office.

Throughout October 2012 to 10 March 2013 I am harassed by one of Batten’s closest associates Kim Gandy, notorious UKIP racist, and Batten’s very close confidante, where I receive hundreds of messages daily on open Twitter platform that I am a thief, criminal, will be charged, go to jail, Serbian lunatic etc. Despite numerous reports to Metropolitan police, which were completely ignored, I make complaint to Essex Police and they interview Kim Gandy under caution, which is when her harassment stops.

On 07 March 2013, my new solicitors Tuckers write to Charing Cross Duty Inspector stating that CPS have reached decision of no further action, that no crime was committed and that Police should stop. That letter is available but was not used in Court due to Reardon’s false statement to bring forward the trial in front of the Recorder (not fully Judge) Gledhill who was previously known to Batten and in that way prevented me from preparing any defence with my Barrister Arlette Piercy. At that point I was already 14 months on bail and 13 times re-bailed. Each and every time excuse for re-bail was ludicrous, ranging from CPS lawyer has a flu, was moving, new lawyer arriving, was going on holiday, leaving CPS but always “She will definitely be charged no matter what’. Each and every time CPS lawyers sent “no further action response’, Galvin, Reardon and Fleming complained until it eventually reached notorious UKIP friendly CPS lawyer, same one who was meddling in my Employment Tribunal and who has now charged, in the similar set of circumstances, another UKIP whistleblower, Nikki Sinclaire (in Birmingham, UK’s second largest city as if Birmingham doesn’t have CPS), Simon Timothy Orme.

As soon as Charing Cross receive my solicitors’ formal request for ‘no further action’ as my solicitors were verbally told at least on 10 occasions same decision was reached but had it from CPS in writing only once, therefore negating Reardon and Galvin’s tall tales about CPS lawyers moving, having flu, going on holidays and similar nonsenses, I get charged on 21 March 2011, despite at that point known and supplied Reardon’s statement that nothing was altered, that documents were identical and data was coming from NatWest Internet banking site, with “Forgery” and “Fraud” stemming from forgery. I was charged by DC Anthony Tony Holden who then attached to my bail no contact order with Gerard Batten, despite the fact I did not have any contact with Batten, Batten was the one who was harassing me and I explicitly forbid Batten to make any contact with me in December 2011 (document exist – email sent to his extremist lawyer Paul Diamond). At the same time, my legal representative Christine O’Connor handed to DC Holden around 70 pages of harassing messages I was receiving from Batten’s close associate Kim Gandy as well as from his extremist lawyer Paul Diamond, that were not of legal nature but “shut up”, “stop talking”, “liar”, “fool” type of insults.


05 April 2013 – appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court and pleaded not guilty.

Since the case was indictment sent to Crown Court

03 May 2013 admitted to High Dependency Unit of St Mary’s Hospital for brain swelling caused by heart failure related Natrium deficiency. While in hospital, with serious life threatening condition, I had my mobile in case my son, who was with my mother urgently needed something. Instead, that night I received phone call from the journalist Dipesh Gadher from Sunday Times, who I did not know nor had any contact with before, who was doing the story on Batten’s racism towards Muslim and Jewish community and Batten’s praises of Mein Kampf – Dipesh asked me who I was and why Tony Holden was threatening his arrest for trying to write a story about Batten’s racism. In the CPS disclosure for the trial, police disclosed threatening emails that DC Tony Holden sent to two journalists Dipesh Gadher of Sunday times and Rob Hastings from Independent that they will be arrested if they write anything about Batten. CPS also disclosed Batten’s emails to DC Holden, sent from his private email address, starting with “Dear Tony” and asking him to scare of journalists who were just, completely unconnected to me, doing their job. Later on in December 2014, Times Newspaper published that abuse of office by DC Holden and threats to journalists. Since my underage son was at home with my mother, unaware of the huge problems I was having with rogue police officers, I had to self discharge from the HDU Unit, in mortal danger, to be with my son in case Holden goes further and in

Batten’s paranoid, conspiracy (usual) state of mind tries to do something to my son.

08 May 2013 appeared at the Southwark Crown Court and plead not guilty.

03 June 2013 – received reply from earlier complaint to IPCC about non-existing

Police Officers stating in the restricted document that none of the ‘Police Officers’ James Galvin, Shaun Reardon, Andrew Fleming and Anthony Tony Holden do not exist.

11 July 2013 met with my Barrister Arlette Piercy to decide defence strategy and which documents to be used for defence of the crime that did not even happen, and I was charged for. Trial was scheduled to happen on 25 July 2013 and we had plenty of time to prepare defence strategy, go over the documents as well as independent document proving Batten lied about everything. Batten’s own statement to the Police given 14 June 2012, some 7 months after I was arrested showed extremely malicious intent where his last sentence in the police statement that was submitted in disclosure literally reads:

“On 15th June I received notification from the Employment Tribunal that Ms Badzak was pursuing a case against me and attempting to sue me for £1.8 million damages. Her complaints against me are catalogue of lies. I intend to defend my good name vigorously. I can provide her accusations to the police if relevant to this case.

On 23rd September I receive a further letter from a different firm of solicitors, JB Law

Solicitors of Macclesfield, Cheshire, informing me that they were acting on Ms

Badzak’s behalf for damages under the Protection form Harassment Act 1997 on no-


win-no-fee basis. Again, her complaints against me are catalogue of lies. I am willing to provide this letter to the police with false accusations if they deem it relevant to my complaint.

Both of these legal actions are attempts to extort money from me by the threat of making false accusations intended to damage me personally and professionally under the privilege of court proceedings.

On receipt of this letter I believe that it is reasonable for me to conclude that I have been victim of fraud/theft by deception for the sum of £2,500 by Ms Badzak by means of verbal statements, false statements in emails, and by means of the presentation of false bank statement”

Batten himself is admitting it that sole reason for reporting “crime’ to the Police was, because he was subject of civil proceedings, as a vindictive response to civil proceedings legitimate claims, abusing criminal justice system to gain pecuniary advantage and avoid civil liability as well as to pervert the course of Justice in civil proceedings.

Prior to his false criminal allegations, Batten at no time asked for return of the money, started small claims civil procedure to recover the money I allegedly owed him or even indicated in any shape or form that anything suspicious was going on. Timing of his false criminal complaint is of essence as he made his false report, only after civil proceedings were issued against him and he learnt that he was under criminal investigation.

None of my claims in Employment Tribunal proceedings were false as all have subsequently appeared with documentary evidence in all leading British newspapers, on the front pages, causing national outcry.

During Batten’s sworn testimony in the Southwark Crown Court, on 16 July 2013, as official Transcript shows, Batten changed his testimony again and lied that his wife told him he was victim of scam, completely contradicting himself, once again, to the sworn statement he gave to the Police.

On 12 July 2013, my Barrister calls me in the morning frenetically that date of the trial has been moved to following Monday, 15 July 2013. Reason given was that DS Reardon father was dying, Reardon wanted to spend his last days with him and trial had to start that Monday, in front of the Recorder Gledhill, who was available.

To this date Reardon did not provide ‘death certificate’ for ‘dying father’ and provided five different excuses for his action ranging from ‘going on holiday, taking his father to holiday, his father going on holiday, spending some quality time with his father, his father wanted to go on holiday’. Nothing about imminent death and certainly no ‘death certificate’ to prove his demand for urgent move of trial to be heard in front of Gledhill was ever provided.

Later on, in 2014 when my appalling case of miscarriage of Justice hit a headlines and became known as one of the most awful cases, I was contacted by prominent member of Christian Party, their candidate, who had close connections with Batten’s close


associates extremist Christian fundamentalists, Christian Concern, who told me that Michael Gledhill, Recorder, judge in my case, was Christian Concern long standing

Barrister (Recorder is not fully Judge but part time Judge who still works as a Barrister or Solicitor), was doing many cases with Batten’s best friend Paul Diamond, was known to Batten and that even one of cases where Batten and Diamond worked together was “Jerry Springer Opera” received newspaper and other media coverage. Hence, Batten’s lies in his testimony at the Southwark Crown Court that Diamond was at present at now notorious 10 February racist, Islamophobic and anti-semitic meeting when documentary evidence showed Diamond was not there. Batten was reminding Gledhill that he also close Diamond’s friend and associate of Christian Concern, as was Gledhill.

Due to sudden move of the trial my Barrister at the start of the trial nor throughout the trial did not have crucial evidence that would expose criminal conspiracy Batten has created with DI Fleming (who called me criminal on 27 February 2012, who is harassing ‘wonderful’ MEP, who deleted incriminating emails so they were not available at the trial, lied on Galvin’s and Batten’s behalf, admitted to having lunches later on with London MEP, which could only be Batten as all others MEP refute suggestions that they would have lunch with him, who left MET in June 2013, but was attending trial every day, and finally who is stalking me to this day to the point that on Christmas day 2014, at 2 pm, when whole nation has a Christmas lunch, he was busy checking my LinkedIn page –all evidence exists and all deleted emails Fleming deleted are recovered). Galvin, who was later found to be UKIP member, who on his Facebook pages posted photos from various UKIP functions, was posting support for UKIP and Batten, was found on leaked BNP membership list, who when Sun Columnist and former MP, Louise Mensch started calling him out on his UKIP and Batten association, was deleting his Facebook profile which is screen captured and stored on Louise Mensch blog, Unfashionista, that I supplied as well as purchase of Norton Anti-Virus using my bank account details when my computer was in police possession as well as my bank account details, and opening email sent to Kamila Zarychta eight (8) days after I was arrested – all subject of IPCC ordered police investigation. Shaun Reardon who refused to investigate Battens massive fraud (even when he had in possession Batten’s proof of fraud with documentary evidence of his own brother’s invoice, insurance policy and confirmation that Lawrence Webb is UKIP regional organiser, all paid with EU expenses, as a fraud/theft), refused to investigate Batten’s incitement of racial and religious hatred contrary to S 5 of the public Order Act, Batten’s perjury, child pornography produced and distributed from UKIP London office, all evidenced.


Selection of the Jury

During the selection of the Jury, my Barrister insisted that none of the jurors because of prejudicial reasons can be members of UKIP and/or EDL supporters. Gledhill


immediately refused putting defence in the ridiculous position where last juror on the right was openly waving to Batten and giving him thumbs up. Gledhill refused to do anything.

Strangely also Simon Timothy Orme, who was shown to my by my Barrister as I did not know how he looked like, same Simon Timothy Orme who was interfering in my civil proceedings and is now prosecuting from London another UKIP whistleblower Nikki Sinclaire in Birmingham (as if Birmingham does not have CPS) was there.

First day of the trial – 15 July 2013

Batten’s “Evidence” and Perjury

On first day of the trial Batten openly lies that he notified police on 02 October while evidence shows that he only notified Police after he learned that he was subject of both Police and OLAF (European Fraud Agency) investigation. He completely changes his statement to the police and talks about some “penny dropping”. This is a double perjury, where Batten has either lied to the Police in the signed, truth verified statement or sworn on the stand in the Crown Court. His two contradicting statements, especially where on stand, he completely negates his true, malicious reason for making false allegations, (She is taking me to Court in civil cases, so I am reporting her to Police) and categorically “states” (lies) that was never the case, despite the documentary, signed statement where he writes that was the case.

Batten lies and then admits lying that I was never researches as he was previously falsely stating (and appeared in pre-prepared articles that appeared immediately on conviction, written by UKIP Chief Press Officer, including nonsense and blatant lie about some shopping spree in Harrods, which was later confirmed through Towler’s and Batten’s boastings. Style of writing those two articles was Towler’s that I immediately recognised as soon as they were brought to my attention as I worked with Towler and read many of his releases).

Batten admits on the page 90, second paragraph, under cross-examination that payment has not arrived when he lied to police it had in December 2010. Later, after the trail it became very apparent that bank statement that Galvin claimed to have seen through my living room/bedroom wall (as he has never entered my bedroom and bank statement was not ever there) was the only bank statement in The World that did not have any date on it, is very suspicious, as all bank statements have dates on them, and can be concluded beyond any reasonable doubt was either Galvin’s or Reardon’s forgery.

On page 92 there is admission that NatWest bank did not confirm to allegedly originating European Parliament Bank in Luxembourg that they even received the payment in March 2011. Due to the fact that Trial was brought forward, my Barrister did not have and it was not used in Court NatWest own admission that in December 2010 there were problems with crediting accounts and that evidence should have been used if it was not for Reardon’s mysterious “my father is imminently dying but no death certificate” story.


On page 97 and 98 Batten is blatantly lying about seeing email from my initial lawyers Hodge, Jones, Allan that as soon as he demanded payment he was offered one via solicitors as well as prior to that he received cheque from me, that he did not cash nor returned. My Barrister did not have that document, due to the Trial suddenly brought forward on Reardon’s false pretences.

Page 98 3rd paragraph Batten lies stating that he and I has ‘amicable relationship’ where there was documentary evidence in the form saved text message saying ‘I will deal with you when I come back’, demands to Farage to get rid of Batten (all exist but my Barrister could not get them in time due to Reardon’s actions).

Page 101 Batten deliberately lies that Paul Diamond, close associate of Recorder

Gledhill was at the meeting 10 February 2011, (meeting that caused full breakdown of Batten’s and my working relationship) where documentary evidence shows he was not.

Batten is blatantly lying about meeting to Dismantling Multiculturalism and the fact that at point I stopped going near him and had only limited, for my vocabulary, rude correspondence and that is precisely the reason why he was taken to Employment Tribunal as after that meeting for the very first time I suffered heart palpitations, there is documentary evidence of complaints to Nigel Farage, of the confirmation from Farage’s press officer that Batten was given “dressing down” and subsequently from the stress, as medically established, I suffered heart attack caused by Batten’s now widely exposed, notorious racism.

Page 116 and page 117 it was also bunch of Batten’s lies, and my Barrister due to Reardon’ s “my Father is imminently dying’ bringing of the trial forward, did not have all Employment Tribunal Batten’s own admission where it was constantly stated “Badzak was arrested, Badzak will be charged, Badzak is fraudster, criminal, I will bring police officer Galvin to testify in my favour). Sole reason I withdrew from Employment Tribunal proceedings was Batten’s constant statements that I am fraudster, where his malicious actions should not even be mentioned, and CPS Orme’s interference in the proceedings.

Last paragraph where some swift was mentioned was never seen by me and that swift looks nothing like swift usually does (no originating bank, no date of payment, no codes, no transfer code to correspondence bank, – Barrister did not have original swift how it looks like as I had numerous swifts to show and none of them looked nor corresponded with any of the swifts that I had, nor corresponded to the SWIFT’s own example how Swift message looks like). Furthermore, 22 March 2011 was the day my son was robbed at knifepoint, documentary evidence exists and that email did not exist there.

Page 120 and 121 Recorder Gledhill changes indictment, illegally, without any power to do so, and includes, £500 petrol and parking costs Batten on his volition gave me and tries to include that too in the indictment, trying to represent it as a fraud.


Second Day of the Trial – 16 July 2013

Reardon’s Testimony

Page 3 of the transcript Reardon admits that his sole function in the Police was ‘computer examiner’ so it is very strange that he was involved in every complaint I made to the police, where none of those complaints, except Batten’s and UKIP’s fraud that were not examined (such as inciting racial and religious hatred, harassment, perjury and perverting the Course of Justice) were not his expertise.

Strangely, on page 12 Recorder Gledhill states that none of the statements Galvin,

Reardon and Batten gave to the Police were not given to Jurors and due to that action, Jurors were not in the position to see Batten’s lies and contradicting himself in the statement given to the Police, regarding his real, malicious, vindictive reason for making false malicious allegations (She is taking me to civil courts).

Page 18, Reardon himself admits that PDF is often used in legal matters and business, which is the real reason why someone who has been in business at that time, in financial consultancy for 11 years, sending all documents as PDFs.

Page 19 Paragraph E (fourth paragraph) Reardon admits that data was copied from NatWest Internet Banking Website. Repeats it also in the first paragraph of page 20 in the Official transcript.

Page 21 of Reardon’s testimony Word document and PDF are identical.




Page 24 of Reardon’s statement , paragraph C and D says it was emailed to Batten and Kamila Zarychta. In the bundle it was shown that Galvin opened email (heading says James Galvin) and it was opened for the very first time on 07 December 2011, 8 days after I was arrested and it is now subject of IPCC ordered criminal investigation against James Galvin.

Page 28 is CRUCIAL

Paragraph B


Q. That is our tab 12, pages 1 and 2:

“Examination of the first document revealed that this was created at 08.11.02 on 20 January and it was last written to at 08.11.03. (Virtually a nanosecond later). This indicates that the contents of the document were created at the same time.”

Paragraph C

A. Yes, it’s not re-edited.

Crucially, Reardon admits that there was no re-editing and I was charged with


Page 42 and 43 are also VITAL as they show that actually 3 payments are missing. On Internet Banking page which, even according to Reardon it was not re-edited and altered. 2 payments £2500 and £540 are missing, while on both Internet Banking Statement and Full Banking statement that NatWest supplied much later, in 2013, £500.00 cheque payment on 07 December 2010 payment from Batten for petrol and parking costs do not show anywhere.

From page 45 – James Galvin’s Testimony

In his opening statement, Galvin’s admits that he too has been promoted, also to the Elite Police Force Unit – Antiterrorist Command at Scotland Yard, which is extremely suspicious and certainly way above Galvin’s abilities.

Page 48 third paragraph B, Galvin immediately lies, saying that I have ever said my husband who was my ex-husband at the time of search had access to any computer.

He is computer illiterate and has never in his entire life used any computer.

Page 48 – paragraph B – A “she started pulling files from the shelves and throwing tem onto bed” is a blatant lie. TDC Else, woman police officer went with me in my bedroom, asked me where are my financial statements files, among many other files (household bills, business correspondence, my son’s school file, tax records, client’s files etc) and I pulled out two files, explaining to her that one contains my ex-husband’s bank records and my son’s child account records, while the other contains my business bank statements. There was no throwing as bed was covered in arranged copies of the paperwork – evidence for the Employment Tribunal I was preparing,


and I handed them to TDC Else in her hands. She asked about other files and I explained to her, as they were all marked, what they contain. TDC Else in her statement contradicts Galvin and says that she was in my bedroom with me, as is standard procedure that female officer goes in bedroom. Galvin remained in my living room, by the floor lamp at all times.

Suddenly, on the page 52 it became apparent that shut, in excellent condition lever arch file has been destroyed between times that CPS and Defence checked it that morning, 9 am before Galvin testified and times of Galvin’s testimony at 12 pm. Galvin admits he was solely in charge of the both files but blatantly lies saying that he doesn’t know how the intact files got destroyed in that 3 hours window period.

Page 55 it was noticed that “bank statement” Galvin lied to have found in my bedroom does not have DATE on it and every bank statement that bank produces there is a DATE and is not forgery, that Galvin or Reardon produced does not have a DATE at all.

On page 58 Galvin refers to bank statements from 2008 and states that all have

dates on them, but ONLY HIS RELEVANT “BANK STATEMENT” DOES NOT HAVE ANY DATE ON IT, confirming once again it was forgery.

Then Galvin tries to create scenario that obviously forged bank statement was found in other file, separately, where both files have completely fallen apart while in his sole custody that morning?????!!!!! Page 63

Page 64 Galvin admits that documents seized by the police, contrary to very limited search warrants, belonged to another people that were not subject of search warrant.

Page 64 – Galvin falsely claims that original debt letters, (where payments were being made) were signed by Jasna Badzak, while documentary evidence not only shows that they were not signed by me, there is no my signature at all, that handwritten comments were not handwritten in my handwriting, that both my ex-husband’s debt letter contains same handwriting, that all four of them contained same handwriting that did not belong to either my ex-husband and I, suggestion that both my ex-husband and I have exactly the same, completely identical handwriting (graphological nonsense), none of them are signed and none contain DATE as neither does “bank statement” Galvin lied to have found. Debt letters did not appear in disclosure, were sprung on defence, and it is already known that due to Reardon’s ‘My father is imminently dying’ I did not have a chance to even submit documents that I had nor statement to my Barrister, and the trial started without preparation on on defence side. While sworn under Oath, Galvin lies, page 64 paragraph G that documents are signed by Jasna Badzak, when they are not.

Page 73 – instead of three debt letters, four were passed around, including illegally seized Mr Mikulic’s (ex-husband) debt letter and evidence from Defendant’s bundle shows it.


Page 76 shows that those are original debt letters that were not sent to anyone and contain someone else’s handwriting, that does not belong to ex-husband nor Jasna Badzak. They are without dates of that handwriting and without signatures. Nobody knows who entered handwriting but it is certain it was not Mr Mikulic (ex-husband) nor Jasna Badzak, who can produce their handwriting and numerous people who have viewed it since have agreed that handwriting does not belong to Jasna Badzak. Those letters are poorly done copies of the letters that existed dated after August 2011, when Jasna Badzak became very ill, unable to work, requiring urgent heart surgery, where handwriting belongs to Jasna Badzak, are copies (not originals like these), are all dated and signed by Jasna Badzak’s signature. Crucial factor transpires that each time Galvin makes a forgery, he forgets to put the date on forged documents (“BANK STATEMENT” and handwritten documents have a joint characteristic of missing DATE).

Page 79 paragraph H Galvin cannot stop lying and falsely claims he de-arrested me after I became very ill. It was not Galvin, it was Rerdon who claimed to be paramedic, he de-arrested me, called ambulance and was very concerned and scared with what was happening.

During the Police interview in the Police statement, Reardon and Galvin repeatedly claim ie page 92 that “only payment missing is £2,500, when in reality 3 payments were missing, £540.00 form 3rd December 2010 payment from ex-husband, £500.00 cheque for petrol and parking from Batten and £2,500 from allegedly European Parliament bank in Luxembourg. £500.00 cheque payment form Batten never showed up, despite the proof that it was deposited in the same NatWest bank and proof that it left Batten’s account.

Page 93 – during Police interview Solicitor reminds both Galvin and Reardon Paragraph D “You have three allegations that you are not investigating so it doesn’t stand”.

Page 100 Paragraph D and E, Galvin contradicts himself and finally admits, under cross-examination that it was DC Stoppard and TDC Else the only ones who were in Badzak’s bedroom and he was not. DC Stoppard and TDC Else took computer without Badzak’s presence, while TDC Else took two files from Badzak’s hands. Galvin’s admission is a proof that he lied both in his statement and throughout the Trial. On the previous civil court hearing for emergency Anti Harassment injunction against Gerard Batten, Galvin lied on Batten’s behalf that there were no investigations against Batten and then lied in the Police official CHRIS record that he didn’t attend hearing nor gave statement on Batten’s behalf, both of which proved to be lies as civil case transcript shows Galvin was there, lied about ‘no investigation against Batten’ on 27 February 2012 and his signed statement on Batten’s behalf exists.

Galvin admits Page 101, paragraph B, that he “can’t recall bed full of documentary evidence” which is hard to believe that he missed entire King size bed that dominates small bedroom, proving once again that Galvin was never in Badzak’s bedroom.


Page 106 and 107 Galvin’s admits that files were intact in the morning, secured, in a sealed bag, that he was solely in the charge of the files and now, some 3 hours later at the start of the testimony both files have fallen apart, documents are upside down, falling out and he doesn’t know what happened and yet was the only person in charge of the files. At the same time, he continues lying that he knows precisely what was where 16 months ago???!!!!!

One has to remember that in his statement signed by James Galvin he claimed that all files were intact and that he saw “BANK STATEMENT” hanging from the file. (through thick living room/bedroom wall???????)

Page 110, Paragraph D and E, Galvin admits that he knew about Badzak’s criminal allegations against Batten and others, but again lies that he was not involved when both Reardon and Galvin were involved, confirming that Badzak was the first one to report Batten and others for the crime they committed and Batten’s sole reason for inventing this non-existent crime was vindictive, malicious allegation to pervert Justice in criminal allegations against himself and pervert Justice in the Civil cases Badzak had against him, which he admits in his signed statement to the Police.

Page 116 to page 143, Badzak’s Barrister, based on documentary evidence makes submission that THERE IS NO CASE TO ANSWER based on well known R v

Galbraith case, as there is no evidence that anything was forged, that alleged “statement” Galvin claimed to have found does not have a date and that three payments are missing. JURY NEVER HEARD OR KNEW ABOUT THAT


However, Recorder Gledhill admits Galvin’s proven false evidence even after admission that DC Stoppard and TDC Else were the only ones to enter my bedroom, DC Stoppard took my computer, while TDC Else was handed in her hands, nothing was thrown on the bed fool of organised papers – documentary evidence for the Employment Tribunal Hearing and that files fall apart that day, not when they were seized, while they were in sole custody of James Galvin and he did not have any explanation how files were torn apart and all documents falling out, turned upside down and what was where, if actually any statements were there in the first place, as “the bank statement” that is only crucial document for the Prosecution DOES NOT HAVE DATE ON IT, making it the only bank statement in the World without date on it.

Recorder Gledhill on page 40 also claims that payment (from my ex-husband) of £540.00 that was credited on 03 December 2010 and payment of £500.00 that was credited on 03 December 2010 are one and the same???!!!!

On Page 141 and 142 Recorder Gledhill makes ridiculous assumption that PDF is different to Word document, where it was established they are completely identical.

Jury was never informed by Recorder Gledhill that submission NO CASE TO ANSWER was made by DEFENCE and they never knew that such submission was made.


Jasna Badzak Testimony starting at 3.54 pm 16 July 2013

Page 160 Last three paragraphs I say that it was banking error, known NatWest repetitive not-crediting accounts on time error, that has happened previously. Due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse” when the trial was brought forward, my Barrister did not have a chance to receive documentary evidence that in December 2010 NatWest issued public apology for not crediting accounts of their customers in a timely manner or at all, until long chases to locate the money. It has been ongoing issue, and well-publicised issue with NatWest transaction operations.

Jasna Badzak Testimony continues 17 July 2013

Page 12 I explain mechanics of SWIFT payments, mechanics of International payments, fact that bank, even NatWest sends separate confirmation of International payment when any account, business or personal (I had both with NatWest) receives any International Payment, how SWIFT looks like. Nobody in the room understands mechanics of the International Payments and my Barister, again due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse” does not have proof how real SWIFT payments and notifications from the NatWest bank look like when international payment is received.

Three missing payments are banking error and thousands of NatWest customers had the same problem until 2012, when NatWest finally decided to upgrade their systems and it is well documented in the press, in blogs, on Internet financial pages, everywhere, as it was appearing even as main TV news over and over between mid 2010 to end of 2012.

Page 40 – at the trial I was severely sick and photographic evidence taken by the paparazzo Batten hired shows me severely bloated, full of water, at that time due to the stress of this false accusations and Batten’s already described continuous harassment, I already had disturbed vision from persistent dizziness that accompanies heart failure, Natrium deficiency, electrolyte disbalance and my vision was blurred. The way that writing was to me at that time, with disturbed vision it looked like my handwriting, but later on after I received diuretics, infusions and was stabilised, both my ex-husband, I, Louise Mensch, Sun columnist, and human rights campaigner Lee Jasper all noticed that although it was very good attempt of forgery of my writing, it was not my handwriting as my letters look different, there was no date and no signature, and my ex-husband’s handwriting looks noting like even close to my handwriting. Someone else wrote that on those original debt letters, and there was correspondence between debt holders and I post late August 2011, when I sent and kept copies of similar letters, where that handwriting was forged from.


Harrods purchases that Prosecutor was going on about (coming from the wealthy family and earning very good money prior to coming working for UKIP) I always shopped at top end stores as I could afford and was used to those stores. For the record, and record show that during the time I worked for UKIP and was through Batten’s shenanigans illegally paid from EU funds for UKIP work, I received over

£14,000 from my ex-husband for the limited work I have done for him, opposed to £15,000 I received for working full time for UKIP. I did not count £3,273.00 ex-husband paid for my son’s and I trip to Barbados.

Despite the fact that Ms Dummett, and later on in pre-prepared articles that appeared in Telegraph and Daily Mail as well as documentary evidence that I sent to text to another UKIP press officer in May 2011, that Batten was calling my bank to ask if I ever shopped in Harrods, “spending spree” as Batten and Towler described it was:

Harrods – 13/12/2010- £150.00 – Dolce and Gabbana T-shirt for my son Harrods – 13/12/2010 – £112.90 Calvin Clein underwear and Dolce and Gabbana socks for my son

Harrods – 13/12/2010 – £14.85 Laduree macaroons

Total Harrods: £277.75

Gucci – £95.00 – Iphone phone cover for my son

Page 93 – Recorder Gledhill keeps insisting on £500.00 payment for petrol and parking Batten gave me in cheque on 02 December 2010 despite the fact it is not part of the indictment, not part of the alleged fraud, just Batten’s lies that it was a loan based on his, as shown previously, self-prepared, self-serving document that Batten himself just typed up on his computer only he knows when.

Miss Piercy acknowledges on pages 94 and 95 that after she met with me, only after the Trial began she was receiving documents from me in email form, on her Iphone, and computer, and that Defence was completely unprepared for the trial due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse”.

In CPS closing argument page 111, paragraph D, suddenly indictment is changed, and Dummett is telling Jury that “Batten was defrauded of £3000” which is completely different to malicious and baseless initial indictment.

Full evidence was not presented about communication breakdown nor was shown text message “I will deal with you when I get back”. None of my texts to Nigel were shown showing that I was communicating to Nigel not with Batten, about Batten’s extreme actions and abhorrent behavior. That evidence must be treated as a new evidence due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse”

Page 113, Jury was never shown Batten’ss police statement which he signed confirming it is a true version of the events, saying that sole reason for reporting


“crime’” was because I was taking him to the Civil Courts, showing malice and mitigation and perverting the course of Justice in civil proceedings.

Page 127, paragraph B, CPS admit that Batten overwrote cheque stub and over “salary” wrote “advance on fees”.

Page 128, paragraph B and C, Ms Dummet on behalf of CPS

No doubt, the defendant justified herself to herself the spending of that £2,500; in Selfridges, Harrods and wherever. No doubt she justified it to herself at the time and no doubt she said, “Well, I was providing for my son. I was buying him things. He is 12 and he likes things like that”.

But spending in Harrods, Gucci and Selfridges before that all happened before 14 December 2010, while Batten made his £2,500 payment, forced by Steve Crowther as payment was missing, on 20 january 2011. Therefore bare faced lie.

Page 140, paragraph A and B, Batten never asked for re-payment but Ms Piercy, and neither does Jury, again due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse”, does not have Batten’s signed, under threat of prosecution, police statements admitting that he is making criminal allegations because I was taking him to civil courts.

Summing up by Recorder Michael Gledhill (later found out to be known to

Batten as they worked for the same extremist Christian Concern for Our Nation)

Page 155, paragraph H and page 156, paragraphs A, B and C – Gledhill is defending “dismantling Multiculturalism” and “Charter of Muslim Understanding through Binding Code of Conduct for Muslims and Jews, that were declared as NAZI documents by all leading Parliamentarians such as Shadow Justice Secretary

(and now Labour mayoral Candidate for London) Sadiq Khan and Conservative Vice-Chairman and Government’s Chief Whip Robert Halfon, by all leading media commentators and appeared on the front pages of all national newspapers as Nazi documents!!!! This Recorder is not only defending Nazi documents but also making expressly forbidden, in the Judicial Code of Conduct, exceptionally dangerous Political statements from the Bench.

Page 158, Gledhill is implying that Batten and I had “good working relationship” on 28 March 2011, because he was writing emails to recover his money, when as a matter I reported batten to the Police on 11 March 2011.

Page 163, paragraphs E, F, G, h Gledhill gives completely wrong instructions and instructs Jury to separate charges, where Indictment is clear cut that Count 1 is forgery and Count 2 fraud stemming from that forgery.


Page 168, Paragraphs C, D , E, F, G Gledhill alters indictment and instructs Jury to cross out part of the Indictment, and alter the Act relevant to it.

Page 170 Gledhill goes further and changes the dates when falsely alleged “fraud’ happened’ completely changing indictment, and in doing so to make sure that regardless of evidence presented, available, shown that corpus rei, or put it bluntly crime does not exist (which Jury was not allowed to hear), Defendant is at all costs found guilty.

It is worth noting that Gledhill summary or as many people, including many eminent lawyers called it “rant” went over 2.5 hours, over 100 pages long (unheard of in criminal cases) and is materially flawed and solely designed to hammer Jury to believe that Jasna Badzak is guilty of the crime that doesn’t exist and must be convicted at all costs.

Continued summary by Recorder Michael Gledhill

18 July 2013


Page 3 – First paragraph – inaccurate description of Badzak’s role. Second paragraph should have read Badzak worked for UKIP and Batten was committing fraud by putting her on EU expenses as she has never worked solely for one MEP – may examples of work for other MEPs including UKIP leader Nigel Farage and agreement was that UKIP would pay for her, not EU Parliament as Badzak never worked or has attended EU Parliament.

Page 4 – Batten wrote a cheque to Badzak for petrol and parking on 02 December 2010. Gledhill claims that at that time one month has not finished, therefore claiming that in December, November was not finished.

Page 5 – My bank Statement for November – how much money was there? Why would I ‘need’ and ‘ask’ Batten for more money? Also where is that ‘signed’ original?

Page 9 – email – my reliability as a witness – how so?

Page 11 – Batten sent Kamila to payment office – Kamila is a source of confusion with 2 different payment orders!

Page 16 – ‘BACS (British Automated Clearing System) trace’ – How can BACS trace is even relavant and what relevance can it have when there is a question of international payments?


Page 21 – ‘Is she telling you the truth?’ – Deliberate misleading statement without any evidence to misdirect Jury and implying (falsely without any evidence of someone’s guilt) guilt – prohibited under Prima Facie and Mens Rea – certainly compromising Judicial integrity

Page 22 – Van Haeren finally admits BACS is UK only – but still no evidence of actual bank payment from the international source?

Pages 24 and 25 – NatWest doesn’t even reply to corresponding bank as per Pascal de Porter?

Page 26 and 27 – What is SWIFT, how does real SWIFT look like and how does SWIFT manufactured by James Galvin look like? Whole transfer code message is missing?!? – also Hear Say evidence – cannot be admitted as evidence beyond reasonable doubt and the very fact that Galvin and Reardon presented their version of ‘SWIFT’ message which looks nothing like a real SWIFT message proves beyond reasonable doubt that this is fabricated evidence.

Page 29 – Nothing before them in these emails about the falling out that Mrs Badzak …- T-Mobile phone logs prove and SMS messages with Fuller as well as I am bypassing Batten completely

Page 30 – last paragraph – ‘so here is this man chasing up the money on her behalf’ – No, Batten was chasing money for Batten – at that time we barely talked, Batten was making ridiculous accusations about ‘Badzak’s alliance with Nikki Sinclaire MEP’ (a woman Badzak never met), Batten was exposed as fascist in Searchlight magazine and had to make admission of meeting with EDL.

Page 32 – Working from home since 22 March? Good, amicable terms? – No, stayed at home since mid February and worked for Farage and UKIP because I could no longer stand his insults, his racism and fascism.

THERE is nowhere mentioned absolute crucial fact – 31 May and 01 June 2011 – severe tachycardia attack and severe heart attack causing Badzak’s heart disease. Medically proven ‘NO ORGANIC FACTORS’ just Batten caused through stress – adrenaline attacks leading to destruction of heart muscle

Page 33 – What proceedings in September – civil

Page 34 – Recorder Gledhill categorically states that it is perfectly acceptable (last paragraph of Summing up document) that Batten abuses his position, uses his official stationery, uses his MEP status (all serious criminal offences of misconduct in public office) to sort out his personal problems and execute vendetta against person taking him to Civil Court – Misconduct in the public office is a serious criminal offence that carries life in prison term, yet it is for Recorder Gledhill acceptable to commit that crime.

Page 35 – Employment Tribunal proceedings lost? (actually temporary withdrawn)– solely credibility after Batten in his skeleton arguments used ‘arrest, certain charges, and Galvin as a witness’. On top of it Batten committed perjury in the Employment


Tribunal Proceedings which was reported to the police, and for some illegal and illogical reason ended up yet again in the hands of DS Reardon, computer expert?!? To sweep it under the carpet and help Batten, once again avoid any criminal responsibility. Same happened with Civil Restraining Order (Galvin’s witness statement) and Police interference in the Civil proceedings.

Page 44 – LIE – ‘it was mentioned at the tribunal when she gave evidence and said she has been arrested’ – Batten mentioned it all the time in his skeleton arguments and letters to Tribunal

Page 44 – ‘Finally, it was put to him that he was trying to protect his position when Mrs Badzak was threatening to go to the press’ – No, press was not at that time involved at all. Batten has been reported by Badzak before any of Batten’s false allegations were made up – £1/2 million fraud Batten was committing with his brother Harold Batten trading as ROUNDEL, where Batten bought a car and car insurance abusing taxpayers funds, Badzak was never declared as working for Batten, Batten was at all times creating fraudulent invoices, stamping them himself with Prime Numbers Ltd stamp he illegally obtained to give those fraudulent invoice false appearance of ‘independent approval’ where Batten was in fact self-approving all his invoices. In addition Batten was reported for criminal acts of ‘inciting racial and religious hatred’ for his numerous racist publications and statements including

‘Charter of Muslim Understanding’, ‘Dismantling Multiculturalism’, UKIP

Immigration – Action Overdue, Muslims live in the 6th century, when you reform

Christianity you get Martin Luther King, when you reform Islam you get Bin Laden;

Gays – Blonde Bimbos, Bilderberg Jewish Conspiracy, war on Muslims, Slavs and Russians… All submitted to the police – sole reason Batten made false, malicious allegations against Badzak was to cover up his own wide ranging and extremely serious criminal activities and escape Justice by destroying person with evidence against him. Galvin and Reardon happily colluded with Batten and aided and abated criminal.

Mid paragraph Gledhill goes on again about £500.00 that was not subject of proceedings, it was not a loan and was never intended to be paid. Throughout 6 months Badzak sent much more on petrol and parking costs, there is a parliamentary introduced section that person working for MEP and/or MP must be reimbursed for those costs, money did not come from Batten, he claimed it from European

Parliament and the total sum spent was in excess of £3,400 that Batten never paid (but probably pocketed money himself as usual). One has to know that all EU payments including expenses, allowances and office expenses go directly into personal MEP accounts, which is odd way of managing taxpayers funds.

Page 46 – Galvin opened email – sent to Kamila? Never mentioned as was never mentioned that Kamila sent two different proofs of payments and was challenged about it. Why was that sequence of emails deleted and only subsequently recovered.

Page 47 – Gledhill talks about possibility of altering the copied statement. Once selected and copied, it is a picture attached to word document. To alter picture one would have to use one of photo altering software, which was not even suggested it was used. Without it, it would be impossible to alter anything. Defence did not even have that information due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying


excuse”. Later on Louise Mensch while doing research for her blog

“Unfashionista” tried to do that suggested exercise and with Adobe Photoshop it took her more than 24 hours to try deleting one payment and cold not align the page afterwards. This is suggestion that in one second three payments were deleted from the picture copies and pasted on to Word document, which is beyond ridiculous, as Bill Gates himself would not be able to do it.

Page 49 – 51 ‘Galvin’s whole evidence is pack of lies’ – Galvin never entered Badzak’s bedroom nor moved from the floor lamp in the living room. Galvin does not have X-ray vision to see anything in Badzak’s bedroom through thick wall. ‘Statement’ was not there and why did Galvin destroy 2 files except to plant evidence. Ms Piercy saw intact files at 9 am the day of Galvin’s evidence, files destroyed whilst in Galvin’s hands by 12 pm when he was giving evidence.

Page 53 – Ex-husband not helping – whilst ex-husband was by Badzak’s side entire trial and bank statements show ex-husband providing Badzak with more money then she was paid by Batten?!? – NB the lowest salary in Badzak’s entire life

Page 59 – Gledhill raises issue of legitimacy of PDF – 1. In business PDF s are usual methods, 2. The content of Word and PDF are same 3. Word, in Reardon’s own words was not altered.

Page 61 – Gledhill fails to mention that Batten had already tried to breach and endanger National Security and only due Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse” this exhibit was not shown to the Jury


Page 62 – middle paragraph – there is itemised bill showing I called Farage and subsequent texts showing disagreement and repulsion, as well as demand to remove Batten from UKIP, that defence did not have and was not able to present due to Reardon’s “my father is imminently dying excuse”.

Page 65 – those debt letters – whose handwriting is that? Where are Badzak’s and Mikulic’s signatures? Where are dates? Were signatures too difficult to forge when copied from letters dated after August 2011 when Badzak was too ill to do any work.

Page 70 Gledhill Summary (or rant as other eminent lawyers called it ended at 12.50) meaning that over 3 hours he was “Summing up’, implying guilt, hammering Jury with Batten’s lies.

Page 74 paragraph C – Gledhill refuses to divulge to Jury Defence submission that there was no case to answer and Jury is completely blind that it ever happened.

Friday 19 July2013

After Gledhill’s 3 hours hammering Jury was never able to reach unanimous ruling. Ruling reached was 10:2 after 1.5 days of deliberation. It was so surprising, that


officer in the dock, sitting with Badzak, convinced of her innocence, hugged her as even he misheard it was expected NOT GUILTY ruling.

Only when Badzak started laughing, Gledhill then decided she was in contempt of Court, later admitted and Miss Piercy can confirm that no Contempt occurred. Then after Badzak said she will appeal, after hearing from astonished guards, who were told by Ushers that it was GUILTY verdict, as soon as Badzak said she will appeal it, Gledhill calls her CRAZY and demands psychiatric evaluation. CPS was as a punishment suggesting mild to moderate amount of community work, while Gledhill was insisting on jail.

Badzak, having realised on second day that whole hearing was a set up, by Galvin, Reardon and Batten (she did not know anything about Gledhill as Barrister could only tell her he was working as Barrister too), asked that defence, to be more precise Miss Piercy to obtain top, independent, leading psychiatrist as I was rightfully afraid, after being found guilty for the CRIME THAT NOT ONLY I DID NOT COMMIT BUT THE CRIME THAT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST, that Gledhill’s real intention was to lock her up in mental institution. Miss Piercy immediately suggested dr Gupta, lead forensic psychiatrist for Broadmoor and well known in his field.


I was in absolute state of shock at what was done to me. I was innocent, not done anything wrong in my entire life, not even a parking ticket, had full security clearance that is available for inspection, had excellent earnings before deciding to help UKIP, which was the worst mistake in my life, that I have admitted and apologised thousands times, at the age of almost 42 was convicted criminal for something I have not done. As soon as I left the Court and walked short distance to the London Bridge tube station, from the utter shock I became paralysed from the waist down and simply collapsed on the street. My ex-husband hailed the cab and had to carry me home, to my third floor flat.

For the next three weeks I was completely paralysed. On Saturday, 20 July 2013, emergency doctor attended my home and established shocked caused paralysis. He was not sure whether paralysis would be permanent or temporary and how long it will last. My GP has all records. My mother, my son and my ex-husband when he was available had to carry me to bathroom and I could not get out of the bed. Injustice hit me so hard and is still until this day destroying my life and my health.

Who would in their right mind even accept the notion that someone is highly educated, has a great earnings, sends her son to private school, has a very good standard of living, had MBA in International Finance, excellent future suffers heart attach at the age of 39 solely caused by stress Batten was creating, would for meager £2,500.00 destroy their bright future. That amount was less than I was making in few


days before I made biggest mistake of my life promising to help Nigel Farage and UKIP.

During my paralysis my son, decided to one afternoon go and play football he adores with his friend in Wembley and was sexually assaulted on the tube train, as I was paralysed and could not take him there. Person, someone named Abbas was caught and convicted of that crime, and nobody from my family shared that information with anyone. On 11/11/2013 Mary from Batten’s office visits my home, unaware that I had in the meantime, after constantly being dismissed by the police, installed on my front door CCTV and she was captured delivering message on Batten’s headed paper in his handwriting and shouting so my son who was behind me could hear her, NEXT TIME YOUR SON WILL BE RAPED.

At that point I simply grabbed her letter, chased her as fast as I could and threw the paper after her. Mary was obviously faster as I had ongoing now extremely severe full heart failure, escaped not to be captured and took the letter I threw hoping my son will not see where it was coming from. CCTV of Mary’s visit exists as well as still photos taken.

On 25 September 2013, after I could walk, slowly and limping, I attended meeting with dr Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist who found contrary to Batten and Gledhill’s assertions that I did not have any mental health problems, that I did have serious cardiac, visible problems, that I was highly educated, high achiever, honest, was always telling the truth (he checked each and every of my statement), expressed disbelief in situation and miscarriage of Justice, noticed sleep difficulties as I could not sleep and still wake up almost 2.5 years later with a nightmares from that miscarriage of Justice, frustration with injustice, as someone incapable of lying, stress from Batten, persecution, and stated if this situation continued with Batten that I might develop persecution syndrome and become fatally ill.

Dr Gupta checked everything carefully during more than 2 hours long interview and found me truthful, honest person, incapable of committing such crimes. He was adamant that any Gledhill’s suggestions of jail sentence would likely kill me and he would be objecting to that.

Full report exists and was sent to Gledhill. I also had to endure attending meeting with probation officers, both in the Court building where Miss Piercy was told by Gledhill to state that I was mentally unstable (blatant lie) and Miss Piercy refused it, as well as in Marylebone, Central London. Whole discussion, accusations, unfair and unjustified conviction left me constantly crying, unable to sleep, unable to function with inevitable further deterioration of my health.

Only person who is unjustly convicted for something she/he did not done can understand how much injustice hurts, every single minute of every single day. It is the worst possible feeling, much worse than death in the family as it never fades away and hurts equally almost 2.5 years later as it did that 19 July 2013. I have never altered anything, nothing was shown to be altered, I had done nothing wrong and yet I am convicted criminal, at the age of now 44. This is the worst experience of my life. It haunts me every day and now I am regretting seeking asylum in the country where


this miscarriage of Justice could happen and where such crimes committed by Batten, Reardon, Galvin and Gledhill are still not punished. The only people punished are I, who has done anything and my son, whose life has been wrecked by this injustice. He lost his go getting, happy mother and gained invalid that he has to care for, who is always in a bad mood, because all she thinks about as those thoughts cannot leave my mind, is injustice I suffered.

On 07 October 2013, Recorder Gledhill decided to completely ignore Psychiatric report, he only mumbled that he saw it, after Miss Piercy insisted that it is taken into consideration as he was the one requesting it, and sentenced me to 1 year jail sentence, suspended for 2 years, with 4 month of 7 pm to 7 am curfew!!!!???? As a reason for not sending me to jail instead of doctors report and impeccable references from another eminent doctor, Reverend, long term friend who were all describing me as extremely honest and selfless person and knew me for over 15 years, Gledhill instead mentioned my son, talked how he did not want to interrupt his education opening him for UKIP’s and Batten’s revenge. Once again, having seen Gledhill and coming back to the scene of Batten’s, Reardon’s, Galvin’s and Gledhill’s crimes I became paralysed from shock, again completely loosing control of my legs for 2.5 week, 18 days to be more precise.

A week later, another Batten’s associate and former useless UKIP press officer, Mark Croucher who started working for Batten published extremely defamatory blog where not only lied about my ex-husband and his family, claiming that my ex-husband’s dead father, who died in 1981 was representing me in Court. He also accused me of being part of Russian mafia, part of mob that killed some banker, revealed where live, despite strict International Court order that my address is not revealed, that even Gledhill had to adhere to, and similar Batten’s created lies.

Apart from being innocent person convicted for something she did not do, in November my son developed life-threatening inability to pass urine at all and had to be urgently treated. I cannot describe embarrassment I felt when I had to leave my son in hospital, with my ex-husband, because I had curfew that I had to adhere to. I will never forget my son’s cry ”Mum, please don’t go, don’t leave me alone”!

Beginning of 2014 all stories that Batten lied in Court were not true, started appearing on the front pages of all National Press. He was declared Nazi, racist, bigot, anti-Semite, Islamophobe, paranoid, with many cases for theft to answer as did Nigel

Farage. Times Newspaper ran whole series of articles about UKIP theft. Nigel Farage was found guilty by Electoral Commission for failure to declare his office donations and pocketing expenses.

I was still absolute wreck, in and out of hospitals, with left chamber enlargement that developed as a consequence of injustice and miscarriage of Justice, followed by thickening of Chamber, right ventricle failure, uncontrollable blood pressure despite over maximum dosage of all medications available to treat high blood pressure, passing out from not able to sleep, not even with sleeping tablets. Doctors, especially cardiologists were surprised that I was still alive each time I had to be urgently saved. My son suffered too. Instead of predicted 10 GCSE he gained only 4 with marginal


grades as he had to take on burden of the mother who was becoming sicker and sicker, more and more disabled because of the injustice she suffered and continues to suffer.

After I was contacted by CCRC to say that police officers who were described to

Mayor of London, Prime Minister and I as non-existent, several journalists including

Daniel Foggo of Panorama, Philip Braund, very well known freelancer, Alexi Mostrous from Times all called Metropolitan Police Office Press Office as they all read about my case, became informed through their channels, were 100% sure of my innocence based on their knowledge of Batten, his conduct and material evidence in the case, and each one of them were called again that such police officers, namely Galvin, Reardon, Fleming and Holden do not exist.

In March 2014 I suddenly started receiving calls from Acting Superintendent David R Manning from OCU Westminster, Metropolitan Police saying that he wanted to meet me and open investigations in the crimes I initially reported. I told him on multiple occasions that I have completely lost all trust in Metropolitan Police after what they have done to me and kept refusing to meet him. After one evening while I had dinner with my son he called 8 times in a space of 45 minutes, I finally relented and agreed to meet with him on 24 March 2014. At the meeting there were four people present, Acting Superintendent David R Manning, DS Worthington, my ex-husband who drove me and acted as a witness and I. I recorded openly whole meeting telling Manning that I did not believe them after stitch up and false conviction I suffered. I also told him that everything discussed will be public and journalistic knowledge as I was afraid of another police stitch up.

During the meeting with Superintendent Manning and DS Worthington, I re-reported the same four initial crimes I reported in 2011, Batten’s incitement to racial and religious hatred contrary to the section 5 of the Public Order Act, Batten’s and whole

UKIP, including all UKIP MEPs, except Mike Nattrass, multi-million pound fraud, Batten’s close associate’s Paul Wiffen’s creation and distribution of child

pornography and Farage’s press officer’s Annabelle Fuller’s perverting the Course of

Justice and theft of House of Commons secure issued Blackberry telephone and House of Commons security pass. I also reported new heinous crime that UKIP committed while Metropolitan Police was busy harassing me, sexual assault at UKIP Conference in September 2012 in Birmingham, in Crown Plaza Hotel.

Victim of heinous and deplorable sexual assault contacted me via my then Barrister Arlette Piercy, telling her that she was UKIP’s victim too and has more information about my stich up. Victim was before she was drugged and assaulted where all her clothes was ripped off, and assault filmed for entertainment and blackmail purposes told that I, who she knew nothing about, will be convicted and going to jail, Batten was heard boasting how he knew Judge and bent coppers, how articles will appear about me describing me as a spender who prays on vulnerable and naïve politicians. After the attack and sexual assault, she was threatened that if she goes to police and reports anything, she will end up in jail like I will. That happened in September 2012. When victim saw article in Daily Mail and Telegraph that Towler showed her it was prepared back then, although she did not believe UKIP at the time, and her case was


reported to the Police by Birmingham West Conservative MP Smith, once she saw that that article was printed and was saying exactly Towler and Batten told her, she contacted me and decided not to cooperate with police due blackmails she was receiving about filmed assault and also scared that she will suffer the same fate as I did.

Soon afterwards, Manning sent me 5 investigations he planned to open, while Worthington took again my statements and again evidence, primarily documentary evidence and promised, full transparent investigation.

On April 2014 Diane Taylor, investigative journalist for Guardian newspaper who deals solely with police corruption and misconducts, began calling Metropolitan Police Press Office. 24 hours later, probably because they had long standing dealings with this particular journalist Metropolitan Police relented and admitted that they have indeed lied to Prime Minister, Mayor of London, IPCC and I that Galvin, Reardon, Fleming and Holden did not exist. Not even 10 minutes after Diane Taylor called me to inform me that Met Police finally that they have lied to de facto and de jure their bosses, Inspector Etheridge called me and I recorded his call, as I did with all future police officers calls to protect myself from further harassment and further stitch ups saying “We made a mistake. It was human error.” Whole conversation can be heard here

On 25 April 2014 I decided with very well known human rights campaigner, who specializes in police corruption to make criminal allegations about the crimes that Batten, Galvin, Holden, Fleming, Reardon and now PS Wray committed. We met with Acting Superintendent Manning and DS Worthington and together created a list of criminal allegations against these 6 police officers who have committed crimes not just against me but Justice system through their joint criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice.

Unknown to me at all this time Batten was stalking me, and once he got a whiff that criminal complaint was against made against him and that he was once again subject of police criminal investigation, on 14 May 2014, using his MEP official paperwork again (which is again serious misconduct in public office and abuse of powers) submitted yet another false, malicious criminal allegation against me.

Furthermore, as he was following my every step, when I was called by NO Xenophobia group, anti-racism to speak with other anti-racism campaigners that was to happen on 17 May 2014, Batten threatened them with reporting the anti-racism group with Police if they do not remove me from the panel of speakers

Fortunately No Xenophobia lawyers as well as Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, rebuffed Batten’s further threats and I spoke.


Acting Superintendent Manning sent all detailed criminal allegations against police officers involved in the crimes in my case to DPPS – Department of Police Professional Standards and that investigation is still ongoing.

On 23 June 2014 I suddenly received harassing phone call from DS Christopher Page, which I recorded and is available here telling me that Batten has made (yet again false, malicious, vexatious, pack of lies, criminal allegations). I could not believe audacity and depth of criminality of that man. Batten was lying to Police that I was somehow, despite the fact that he was blocked everywhere, on all social media, on my phones, on my emails, “harassing him” and that I should come for police interview under caution or be arrested. I told DS Page, shaking, frustrated and in anger, expecting that Batten will be finally arrested for his many documentary provable crimes (to cite his brother Harold’s invoice, his car insurance invoice all illegally paid from EU expenses and many others) I was again being harassed by the same police. I told Page to put it all in writing and my lawyer,

(at that time I was introduced to brilliant, top tier lawyer, eminent Graham Atkins,

Plebgate lawyer, man who won against Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was California Governor) and my lawyer would contact him. Next day my lawyer and I met with DPSS Inspector Fran Pollard and DS Helen Thomas where my lawyer after listening to DS Page’s telephone harassment, asked that DS Page also is charged with harassment.

Strangely, DS Page was part of the Major Crime Unit that deals with peadophilia and has nothing to do with harassment cases. Page persisted bombarding Atkins with emails that I must attend interview under caution, and while it was coincidence that my lawyer Atkins called me while I was attached to heart ECG, to say I must attend police interview under caution on my son’s 16th birthday, 10 July 2014 (Batten and his criminality have managed to destroy even my son’s much anticipated birthday celebration that he did even get a cake), ECG monitor showed massive palpitations and irregular heart function, that it took me over two hours to come around with huge doses of Nitroglycerin.

On 10 July 2014 my lawyer Graham Atkins and I attended, what would Atkins called later the most bizarre interview. There was another officer present, male, who was sitting in the corner, next to Page, avoiding eye contact, probably embarrassed with what was happening. Page gave to my lawyer his own typed statement that he claimed to be disclosure. Atkins responded asking him if this was Page’s first interview and that was not disclosure. He told me you can answer him if you want or we can go as he has no ground to ask you anything.

First Page’s question was Why am I calling UKIP fascist, racist, criminal organisation? Atkins told me you can answer it if you want but I can’t advise you how to answer such stupid question. I answered that Article 10 of Human Rights Act allows me Freedom of Speech and I can call them what they are and Page can’t do anything about it.

Second Page’s question was if I gave an interview to Sunday Times on 09 may 2014

(which was Friday and Sunday Times, it says it in a name, is published every Sunday)? My lawyer asked Page if he had that article, Page said he did and then looked, what my lawyer saw in Page’s paperwork, Batten’s official headed paper


dated 14 May 2014, well after European Elections were called and he was no longer MEP, just prospective MEP as anyone else taking part in the European Elections 2014. Batten was not only abusing his office and committing misconduct in the public office but was also falsely self-representing. Furthermore, later on in discovery it was found out that Batten was actually contacted by journalist he forced police officer Holden to threaten with arrest and Batten was again using same tactics while it was Batten who was committing numerous crimes. I reported this Batten’s crime to DS Neil Smithson of Scotland Yard, who deals with election offences post my Court victory on 26 October 2015 but never again heard about it.

Third question was Why am I talking to Lee Jasper as it is a crime to talk to Lee

Jasper. I replied (while Atkins was laughing) that if Page can show me a single Act of Parliament , Green or White Paper saying talking to Lee Jasper was a criminal offence, I would immediately admit it.

After that we left Charing Cross Police Station, same police station where I was charged with the crimes that not only I did not commit but that did not exist.

I came home shaken, angry, frustrated, exhausted, out of breath to furious son who at the very least was entitled to a birthday cake for his birthday, not angry mother.

Over the summer, Lee jasper, based on few of our meetings and documentary evidence he had published on his blog on 03 September 2014 Factual statement about the whole case. Several journalists who did not believe in veracity of my court process, knew Batten as a liar, racist and criminal and saw some documents from the Court immediately re-Tweeted it, as did ITV Chief Political Correspondent Michael Crick commenting something along the line – finally truth emerges in Jasna Badzak’s case. Many lawyers, political commentators, pundits and hundreds of others re-tweeted it reaching again Prime Minister, Mayor and Chairman of the Conservative Party as well as Labour and Green party. There were hundreds of RTs. I Re-Tweeted it on 04 September 2014, a day later.

On 04 November 2014 my lawyer Atkins called me, while I was in hospital again with extremely low blood pressure 50/30 to tell me Page called him that I must immediately come to Paddington Green Police Station. I told Atkins I was very sick in hospital but Page insisted that I self discharge from the hospital and come immediately. We arrived around 12 pm and as soon as Page opened the door he arrested me, searched me, provided with one of his self typed disclosures and interviewed me about content of Jasper’s blog. Each of my reply was I did not write it but it was truthful account. After 1.5 hours wait, by that time Lee Jasper came too, I was immediately charged with Harassment of Gerard Batten. I came home and was very unwell and became paralysed from shock again. That evening social media exploded seeing double injustice, first false conviction and now this new arrest, new Batten’s set of lies and new Batten’s harassment. Everyone was commenting, writing blogs, tweeting including may top lawyers and many decent Judges about the full injustice they were seeing. Lee Jasper, author of the blog, Michael Crick who tweeted blog commenting and Louise Mensch who also commented and re-tweeted many


times all called DS Page to offer themselves for arrest saying they committed worst “crimes” than I did re-tweeting truthful blog. Page declined them all and then complained to my lawyer Mr Graham Atkins how journalists were harassing him. I was on bail again.

I appeared few weeks later to enter plea as soon as I could walk again, or better limp. I pleaded not guilty, no case to answer, and then few weeks later in December for alleged pre-trail hearing, where most of motions of CPS representative who did not even know what was the case about were refused. I was represented by both Mr Graham Atkins, solicitor, and eminent Barrister Mr Stephen Vullo QC. Mr Vullo QC then took Officer Page to interview him for reasons for such allegations and was given huge file of Batten’s lies and nonsenses which were all thrown out by Judge but one of re-tweeting.

Louise Mensch published her blog in November 2014 leading to frenetic deleting of James Galvin Facebook page and Raerdon’s InkedIn page. Reardon’s LinkedIn page later re-appeared significantly altered removing many false statements. That blog alone had 20,000 unique visitors first day it was published.

On 06 December 2014 article appeared showing that Batten forced DC Holden to abuse his police powers and threaten two journalists for just doing their job, writing a story, drawing rightful condemnation from other journalists as well as David Davis MP, well known civil liberties promoter and current Conservative Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith MP.

On Christmas Day 2014 while whole country was eating Christmas dinner, DI Fleming was busy stalking my defunct LinkedIn profile.

In January 2015 Mayor of London was publicly reminded in open question asked by Green Assembly member Jenny Jones, what was he doing about now publicly known criminal actions of police officers and what was he doing to stop police harassing Jasna Badzak.

On 15 February 2015 from all the stress and continuous non-sleeping, burden of Injustice I was suffering, I collapsed at home with exceptionally low blood pressure of 32/12, no pulse recorded and my son called ambulance where I was barely saved after extreme dosages of Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Dopamine and fluids. My GP knew all the time but I was ashamed to tell doctors in St Mary’s Hospital what was really killing me – Batten’s persistent harassment and injustice I suffered.

Another pre-trail happened in March with Hearing scheduled to be 01 and 02 April

2015. During pre-trial hearing CPS requested ad their request was granted that

Hearing gets moved to 15 September as my team of lawyers including top UK Barrister Mr Michael Wolkind QC, Mr Stephen Vullo QC and Mr Graham Atkins were asking admission or appearance of all suspects in criminal conspiracy, Batten, Galvin, Reardon and Recorder Gledhill (who was known as extremist to Mr Volkind QC) admit the crimes they committed in Southwark Crown Court or appear in person to be questioned about lies to Mayor and Prime Minister, false, malicious accusations


Batten made against me leading to my miscarriage of Justice, conviction for the crime that never existed and Batten and Gledhill links from before my trial.

On morning 10 June 2015 as my son was getting up to go to school he found me unconscious, covered in feaces and vomit and called ambulance where once again I had immeasurably low blood pressure, no pulse, in complete heart block. I was fortunately revived after whole day of medical struggle in A and E department. The day after that as I was recovering, still attached to Noradrenalin and Adrenalin, I developed severe Hospital Acquired pneumonia, that next day escalated to full respiratory failure and chest sepsis. My lungs simply collapsed and I had to be urgently intubated. Surgeon who performed intubation extracted 6 liters of water (retained due to Batten’s harassment and injustice caused heart failure) and told my family I had less than 5% chances of survival. After 4 days in narcosis I woke up and could breathe again on my own. That night I fell in comma that lasted 5 days and further five waking up from comma. Again my son, instead of being able to study for his A levels, first step of exams, was with me in hospital going crazy, permanently rightfully terrified that his mother will die due to injustice Batten caused her.

After long stay in hospital from 10 June 2015 to 02 July 2015 I was finally able to go home but not without long-term consequences, physical as well as permanent from Batten’s injustice. My left hand is still paralysed and I suffered ulnar nerve damage that is exceptionally painful. As a result of Batten’s racist harassment and injustice I suffered I am currently on Metformin for diabetes, double the maximum dose of Beta blockers, ACE1, ACE 2 inhibitors, two types of Calcium Channel blockers, aspirin, diazepam, diuretics for heart failure, Temazepam for trying to sleep which does not work as it is 5.05 am now and I as usual cannot sleep as injustice is constantly in front of my eyes, Gabapentin for neurological pain, Tradmadol (opiates based pain killer for unbearable pain from paralysed hand), waiting for surgery sometimes this year to at least try to return some function to my hand and reduce unbearable pain.

I am awaiting surgery to attempt to give me back at least some functionality of the hand or death from health complications caused by Batten’s injustice and harassment.

Trial for false, malicious harassment allegations falsely, maliciously, invented by persistent offender Gerard Batten miraculously disappeared on 04 September 2014, when my lawyer, Graham Atkins received fax stating that al charges are dropped, bail is dropped due to insufficient evidence or translated none of the accused wanted to admit their crimes nor appear in court to be questioned by Mr Wolkind QC and Mr Vullo QC.

At the end of September 2015 IPCC ordered more stringent investigation as officers such as PS Wray and Inspector Etheridge left the force before they could be questioned. Now emphasis is on Galvin’s hacking and Kamila Zarychta’s forgery.

In September 2015 as I was to meet my lawyer for lunch, he informed me that his office manager just then told him, that DS Page when he was bringing disclosure of failed “harassment” trial was heard shouting “Why is Graham Atkins representing that woman?”, “Why is such prominent lawyer defending that woman?”, “How did she get such lawyers?”


I must emphasise that my case of miscarriage of Justice is so strong that it brought top lawyers, where Mr Michael Wolkind QC and Mr Stephen Vullo QC, two country’s leading criminal barristers, top of the top, where Mr Wolkind QC is known as best barrister in the country, are representing me pro bono, despite extreme demand for their services as my case of deliberate miscarriage of Justice is so strong and consequences of such injustice so visible that it became country’s most awful, notorious case that has caused public outrage and tens of thousands supporters of

JUSTICE4JASNA which appeared in blogs, YouTube, social media, everywhere.

Since September 2015, after my win when Batten and his criminal associates refused to admit their crimes, Kamila Zarychta, Batten’s notorious assistant despite being blocked on Twitter kept sending at least dozen tweets, sometimes hundred tweets every day calling me criminal, liar, that September case was never won, that I don’t have any lawyers, that my son should be ashamed of me, that he is son of criminal, until she stopped her every day tweets on 08 January 2016, at 7 pm when my son went to meet some new girlfriend, who approached him in front of his school, lied to him she was attending same school, gave surname as Batten’s UKIP London close associate Belammy and when my son was at the exact time when Kamila stopped her harassment that lasted every day since September when Batten’s lies were dismissed, suddenly and my son was beaten senseless, receiving three horrific punches – first one in the eye, second one in his nose breaking the nose and third one in his mouth where his front tooth and tooth number 6 were broken. Police are now investigating GBH, while both my lawyer and I are asking that Batten and Kamila are questioned as her abusive, persistent, everyday tweets stopped at the precise time of attack, well before passer by found my son and alerted police robbery squad that was in vicinity who then informed me around 9 pm.

All I am asking from Criminal Case Review Commission is to look at the documentary evidence of the case, conduct of Gerard Batten, who was facing civil trials, police officers that are under criminal investigation and Recorder Gledhill who never declared conflict of interest despite knowing Batten before the hastily on false pretences moved trial.

I simply cannot believe that this is my life. I went to school until I was 29 years old, did three degrees, was refugee, rebuilt my life, was selfless community worker, had a good job and enviable earnings, was able to provide my son everything, private healthcare, private schooling, at least two holidays per year, excellent life, never did a step wrong in my life and now I am dying because of injustice, being convicted for something that I did not do and something that simply does not exist and has never existed, but was just false, malicious, vindictive, vexatious, baseless accusation to prevent me to take action for damage to my health Gerard Batten through his racist, criminal and despicable bahaviour caused me.

This is truthful and accurate account of injustice I suffered though false conviction and miscarriage of Justice.




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